Woman wakes up to find gunman standing over her bed demanding sex and money – even though her door was locked

A WOMAN woke up to find an armed man had entered her locked house, before he demanded sex and money from her.

The woman, who asked not to be named by the media, says she found the home invader standing over her bed just after midnight Tuesday in the Inman Park neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia.


Atlanta woman claims she woke up in her locked home to find a gunman with a gun hovering over her bed in the middle of the night, demanding sex and moneyCredit: Fox 5

“I’m just so thankful to God that nothing happened,” the woman said. Fox 5 new.

“He was standing there by the bed with a gun. He wasn’t pointing it at me. He wasn’t pointing it at me, but it was definitely in his hand,” she added.

She wanted to keep her name private, as the alleged suspect remains at large, according to the station.

Atlanta police said they are investigating the incident.

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Atlanta Police Officer TaSheena Brown told The Sun the incident happened just after midnight on June 14.

According to her, the victim was “woken up by an unknown man standing at the foot of his bed armed with a firearm”.

“The unknown suspect asked the victim for sex, but she refused. The suspect then emptied her purse and left the scene without taking anything.”

Brown says the victim was not injured and the Special Victims Unit (SVU) has been notified of the incident and will investigate.

The woman claims she said the intruder demanded sex, but she told him “it was that time of the month,” according to Fox News.

She said he asked again, at which point she said “I can’t do it.”

The woman said the intruder had been oddly calm the entire time, before eventually walking out of the house empty-handed.

“My doorknob was locked, but not secure and that’s how I think he was able to get into my house,” the woman said.

According to Fox 5, this is not the first time an incident like this has occurred in the region.

The outlet reported that another woman, a neighborhood away, experienced a similar frightening situation.

The Inman Park woman said the man in this incident fit “a similar description with a silver handgun and I said I definitely want to report it because if it’s the same guy they have to catch it”.

As the police search for the suspected nocturnal predator, the woman has a warning for the neighbors.

She urges them to lock their doors and secure their homes.

“I don’t know if it was someone opportunistic or a sexual predictor [sic] and that’s what scares me.”

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“I don’t want this to happen anywhere else,” she said.

Atlanta police are asking anyone with information to come forward in the ongoing investigation.

A similar incident involving a man wielding a silver gun reportedly took place in the same area


A similar incident involving a man wielding a silver gun reportedly took place in the same areaCredit: Fox 5