What is the dramatization of the armed forces? The main task of the new Chief of the Defense Staff

The top priority of the new Chief of Defense Service (CDS), General Anil Chauhan, is to execute the very ambitious characterization plan. The model aims to create synergy between the three services by deploying integrated military commands and preparing the military to meet future security challenges. Nine months after the sad accidental disappearance of the first CDS, General Bipin Rawat in a helicopter crash in December 2021, General Anil Chauhan has taken office as the country’s highest commander.

Last year, General Bipin Rawat, head of the Department of Military Affairs, commissioned the Indian Army, Indian Air Force and Indian Navy to carry out independent studies on the dramatization plan. However, the sudden death of General Bipin Rawat halted the process in 2021.

The theatrical plan

In line with the dramatization plan, each of the theater commands will have units from all three services of the Indian Armed Forces – Indian Army, Indian Air Force and Indian Navy. All three will work together as a single entity anticipating security challenges under the direction of an operational commander in a defined geographic territory.

Currently, the three services of the Indian Armed Forces have 17 commands in all. Previously, a plan had been made for the creation of an Air Defense Command and a Maritime Theater Command. However, it is important to note that there are some reservations in the Indian Air Force regarding the proposed theater orders.

In June 2022, VR Chaudhary, Air Chief Marshal, stated that the Indian Air Force remains fully committed to the synergy of the three services to enhance overall national combat power.

Note that last year, General Bipin Rawat said the country will have two to five theater commands to manage future security challenges along the country’s northern and western borders. He also said that the security challenges along India’s western borders will be operational by the current year i.e. 2022. However, a delay in the process became evident after the death of General Rawat in 2021.

Who is retired Lieutenant General Anil Chauhan? The new Chief of the Defense Staff (CDS)

Maritime Theater Command

The fact that the Western and Eastern Commands of the Indian Navy will be merged into the draft Peninsular Command was also stated by General Rawat. This amalgamation is what constitutes the Maritime Theater Command.

The purpose of the Maritime Theater Command would be to oversee security challenges throughout the Indian Ocean region. Command will extend from the Sundarbans in the Eastern Region to the Sir Creek Estuary in the Western Region.

The proposed maritime theater will have air assets with the support of the Indian army. General Rawat also said that the commander of the Maritime Theater Command would get Delhi’s approval for operational matters such as the movement of ships.

List of all Chiefs of Indian Defense and Chief of Indian Army Staff

air defense command

The Air Defense Command was due to deploy in the middle of last year. Major air assets, including Indian Army and Indian Navy missiles, will form part of the command, integrating all essential assets of the three services by the Indian Armed Forces under a single command authority.

The theater commission dedicated to Jammu and Kashmir

General Rawat also said that a dedicated theater command will deal with security issues in Jammu and Kashmir. This region will also include the international border area.

Other theater orders

General Bipin Rawat said last year that the government was considering having a separate training and doctrine command modeled on a similar structure in the United States. Additionally, a separate command should also be set up to oversee the logistics needs of the three services.