Video appears to show California officers shooting gunman in the back

(KTLA) – The San Bernardino Police Department is asking the public to “withhold judgement” after security footage circulating online appears to show officers shooting a fleeing man.

The shooting happened in a parking lot in San Bernardino, Calif., around 8:05 p.m. Saturday. The parking lot, according to police, is located next to an illegal gambling business.

Police responded after receiving reports of a gunman in the parking lot.

Video shared on social media on Monday showed officers arriving in an unmarked vehicle as it slowly came to a stop in the parking lot. Robert Marquise Adams, 23, of San Bernardino, who police say was armed with a handgun, approached the unmarked vehicle with the gun drawn.

When officers exit the vehicle, Adams immediately turns away and begins running, the video shows.

A news release from the San Bernardino Police Department alleges that the officers — who were wearing police uniforms, according to the department — attempted to give Adams undisclosed verbal orders.

But Adams ran from the officers toward two cars, with his gun still in hand. It was then that one of the officers apparently opened fire, hitting Adams.

Police did not say where Adams was hit, but video appears to show him being punched in the back. They also did not specify how many shots were fired, although online activists claim up to nine shots were fired.

Adams was taken to hospital but later died of his injuries. Police said a “Taurus G3C 9mm loaded with a chambered bullet” was recovered from the scene.

Police say this gun was found at the scene where Robert Adams was shot by San Bernardino officers on July 16, 2022. (San Bernardino Police Department)

Activist Shaun King shared the video on his Instagram page, calling the shooting a “brutal execution.”

“The police arrived in an unmarked car. ⁣With dark tinted windows,” King said in his Instagram post. “Robert had NO IDEA who they were and in an instant the police jumped in and murdered him.”

In the press release, Chief Darren Goodman asked the public to suspend judgment until the investigation is complete. Police officials also blasted the video of police shooting Adams, who is black, saying it was released without context or specific details.

Adams’ father told KTLA that his son was armed and “protecting himself” due to violent robberies in the area. He also said the police gave him little information about his son’s death.

The police department said it is still investigating the shooting and “still gathering facts and evidence” and plans to release a video with additional images and details in the near future.

It is unclear whether an outside law enforcement agency will take over the investigation. Anyone with information regarding the investigation is asked to contact Detective Flesher at 909-384-5655.