Ukrainian armed forces strike the positions of Russian invaders on the island of Zmiyiny

Over the past day, Ukrainian defenders from the Southern Operational Command Area attacked Russian positions on the island of Zmiyiny. During the day, 16 personnel and five pieces of enemy equipment were destroyed.

“In the Black Sea operational zone, our forces defeated hostile positions on the island of Zmiyiny. A hit at the checkpoint was recorded, the destruction of the Strila-10 anti-aircraft missile system, the losses of the Russians are being clarified,” the message posted to Facebook on Wednesday evening said.

It is also noted that on the eve of the pseudo-referendum in the Kherson region, the occupation authorities are trying to appoint their leaders from among local collaborators, continue the campaign and try to bribe the local population with food.

“The enemy tried to advance towards the Mykolaiv region in the area of ​​​​the villages of Tavriyske and Nova Zaria, but did not succeed, suffered heavy losses and retreated,” the Ukrainian army said. .

The enemy fleet ship grouping has been reformatted downward.

Total enemy casualties per day are 16 invaders, one tank and four vehicles, two of which are armored.

It is also noteworthy that the Odessa region was attacked by three cruise missiles, one hit on the bridge crossing the Dniester estuary was recorded. There were no casualties. Traffic is partially restricted. Restoration work is in progress.

In addition, the enemy continues to undermine the situation with provocations around Transnistria, staging imitations of terrorist attacks, announcing missile strikes and sending messages to the people of Transnistria with panic calls for evacuation on behalf of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The Russian grouping of troops in Transnistria is in full combat readiness.