Ukrainian armed forces launch up to 10 airstrikes on Russian positions in Luhansk region

The Ukrainian Armed Forces aircraft launched a dozen strikes on Russian positions in the direction of Luhansk during the past day.

“On June 30, Su-25 attack aircraft and Su-24m bombers launched up to 10 airstrikes in the direction of Lugansk, supporting the combat actions of the defenders of Lysychansk. The strikes of our pilots prevented the occupants to advance in several important directions. The enemy’s logistics centers, fuel supply points, armored fighting vehicles and manpower were affected,” the army said. Ukrainian Armed Forces air on Telegram.

In addition, Air Force planes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine repeatedly launched powerful airstrikes on enemy positions during the operation to liberate the island of Zmiinyi from Russian invaders.

In particular, the enemy was struck by the joint efforts of bombers, attack and fighter aircraft, artillery units, army and unmanned aircraft of ground forces and naval forces, units special operations forces.

According to Air Force data, as a result of the successful operation, anti-aircraft missile systems, radar stations, combat positions, MLRS, equipment and personnel of Russian troops were destroyed. A small part of the invaders evacuated, leaving the island in a hurry.

On June 30, the “South” operational command reported that the Russians had hastily evacuated the remnants of their garrison from the island of Zmiinyi following the successful operation carried out by Ukrainian troops.

As the operational command “South” informed, after the attack launched by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the invaders fled from the island of Zmiiny, destroying their military equipment, documentation and property with their own hands.