Ukrainian Armed Forces kill over 200 Russian soldiers and destroy 6 ammunition storage points in southern Ukraine Operational Command Pivden (South)


On the southern front, the Ukrainian armed forces killed more than 200 Russian servicemen and destroyed six Russian ammunition storage sites, as well as Russian military equipment and weapons.

Source: Operational Command Pivden (South) on Facebook

Details: A pair of Russian Ka-52 helicopters carried out an airstrike on Bereznehuvate hromada (administrative unit designating a town, village or several villages and their adjacent territories); there were no casualties.

During Wednesday August 31, Russian forces used heavy tube artillery to fire on Kryvyi Rih and Nikopol district, damaging residential properties but sparing civilians.

Ukrainian aircraft carried out 24 airstrikes on areas where Russian military personnel and equipment were concentrated, as well as on Russian command posts and strongpoints, logistics centers, transport routes and combat positions.

Ukrainian rocket artillery units conducted combat operations during which they shot down unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), electronic warfare systems and radars, multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) and Russian air defense systems.

The Ukrainian armed forces maintained control of the Kakhovka and Dar’ivka bridges, preventing Russian forces from using the bridges to transfer additional equipment and ammunition.

“[Our] the shot was accurate, the damage [inflicted on Russian forces] was significant. The crossing pontoon that the occupants had installed near Dar’ivka was destroyed”, reports the operational command Pivden (South).

He adds that Russian losses amounted to 201 soldiers, 12 T-72 tanks and 18 armored fighting vehicles.

Ukrainian armed forces also destroyed a Russian Solntsepyok heavy flamethrower system, a Buk-M3 anti-aircraft missile system, 5 Msta-B howitzers, an Akatsia self-propelled howitzer, two self-propelled artillery systems and three mobile mortars.

In addition, Ukrainian forces destroyed six Russian ammunition storage points in Beryslav, Henichesk and Kherson districts, as well as command posts of the 331st Guards Shock Airborne Regiment and the 56th Air Assault Rifle Regiment.

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