Ukrainian armed forces in one day destroyed 55 units of occupiers’ equipment and shot down a helicopter in one day in the east


The situation on the Donetsk and Luhansk fronts is difficult, but the Ukrainian army repelled 18 Russian attacks in one day, destroyed 55 units of Russian military equipment and shot down a helicopter and drones.

Source: Joint Forces Operation, Special Team Skhid (East)

Estimate: “The situation is difficult, but under control. Along the entire line of defense, the aggressor uses combat aircraft, multiple rocket launchers, large-caliber artillery, tanks, mortars of various systems, launches missiles and bombardments on civilian infrastructure and peaceful neighborhoods, destroying administrative buildings, hospitals, schools and kindergartens.”

Details: During the last 24 hours, the soldiers of the Joint Forces destroy: 13 tanks; 8 artillery systems (including a multiple rocket launcher); 27 units of armored fighting vehicles; 2 units of special engineering equipment; 5 vehicles.

In addition, air defense units shot down an enemy Ka-52 multirole helicopter and four Orlan-10 unmanned aerial vehicles in Ukraine’s Donbass airspace.

At the same time, in the area covered by the Skhid [East] Operational-tactical group on May 12, 6 attacks are repelled.

The invaders’ losses included: up to 180 men, 6 tanks, 6 armored fighting vehicles, 2 armored vehicles, 2 MT-LB multi-purpose tracked armored tugs, 3 self-propelled artillery, 1 multiple rocket launcher, 4 mortar teams, and 3 ATT heavy artillery tractors.