UK says Ukrainian Armed Forces tactics ‘adeptly exploited Russia’s lack of manoeuvre’

As the Russian offensive in Ukraine continues for the 21st day, UK Defense Intelligence in the latest situation update claimed that Russian soldiers remain ‘extensively linked’ to the network Ukrainian road. According to UK Defense Intelligence, Russian troops have been reluctant to perform off-road maneuvers. The UK Defense Intelligence claimed that the tactics of the Ukrainian Armed Forces “skillfully exploited Russia’s lack of maneuver”.

The UK Defense Intelligence has insisted that the Russian armed forces are struggling to overcome the challenges posed by the Ukrainian terrain. In the tweet, UK Defense Intelligence pointed out that the destruction of the bridge by Ukrainian forces played a significant role in preventing Russian troops from advancing. The UK Defense Intelligence claimed that Russia had failed to take control of the air. Russia’s failure to take control of the air has “significantly limited” the ability of Russian troops to use air maneuver and reduced their options. The UK Defense Intelligence, in its latest update, tweeted: “Ukrainian Armed Forces tactics skillfully exploited Russia’s lack of maneuver, frustrating the Russian advance and inflicting heavy casualties on the invading forces.”

UK announces economic sanctions against Russia

In its latest attempt to pressure Russian President Vladimir Putin to withdraw from Ukraine, the British government announced on March 15 a ban on the export of luxury goods to Russia. In addition, a new 35% tariff will be levied on a variety of products imported from Russia, including Russian vodka. The taxes will affect £900 million (₹89,55,79,47,000) of imports, with the restriction on luxury goods affecting luxury vehicles, high-end fashion and works of art.

The statement released by the UK government reads: “The export ban will come into force shortly and will ensure that the oligarchs and other members of the elite, who have enriched themselves under President Putin’s rule and support his illegal invasion, are deprived of access to luxury goods.

According to the British government’s statement, products affected by the new Russian import taxes include iron, steel, fertilizers, timber, tyres, rail containers, cement, copper, aluminum, silver, lead, iron ore, food scraps/waste, beverages, spirits and vinegar including vodka, glass and glassware, grain, oilseeds, paper and cardboard, machinery, works of art, antiques, furs and artificial furs, ships and whitefish. Meanwhile, the UK has decided not to allow Russia and Belarus access to the “most favored nation tariff” for hundreds of their exports. Last week, the UK imposed asset freezes and travel bans on seven prominent oligarchs and 386 members of the Russian Duma.

More than 13,800 Russian soldiers lost their lives (Ukrainian Defense Ministry)

As tensions between Russia and Ukraine continue to escalate, Ukraine’s Defense Ministry says more than 100 children lost their lives in the Russian offensive. According to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, more than 13,800 Russian soldiers died in military action against Ukraine. Russia lost 430 tanks, 1375 armored fighting vehicles, 190 artillery system units, 108 helicopters, 84 aircraft, 43 anti-aircraft warfare systems, 819 vehicles. According to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, 60 fuel tanks, three ships, 11 unmanned aerial vehicles and 10 special equipment from Russia were destroyed by the Ukrainian armed forces.

Image: AP