The XXIII Conference of Directors of the Ibero-American Defense College discusses the participation of the Armed Forces in the fight against COVID-19

During bus a turn of The strike Sao JoeFortress, site of the founding of the city of Rio de Janeiro (1565), brazilian navy Rear Admiral Gilberto Cezar Lourenco makes a comment that drew laughter from passengers. The sun rises for everyone, but the shadow of Sugar Loaf is reserved only for those who have the privilege of working at the Brazilian War College [ESG], he said referring to the historic summit of Rio de Janeiro, located just opposite the ESG, in the bucolic neighborhood Urca.

The bus the passengers were representatives of the 10 countries participating in the XXIII Ibero-Directors of the American Defense CollegeConference (CDCDIA)organized by ESG from August 29 to September 2. Brazil (host), Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Portugal, Spain, and Uruguay participated in the event with the United States as a permanent observer. This was the fifth time ESG hosted the annual event the previous editions were in 2001, 2008, 2011,and 2016.

Bicentenary of Independence

Brazilian Army Lt. Gen. Adilson Carlos Katibe, ESG Commander (left), speaks with U.S. representatives at CDCDIA, Prof. Mirlis Reyes, PhD., and U.S. Army Maj. Gen. James Taylor, director of the Inter-American Defense College, during a -cultural event held on the first day of the conference. (Photo: Marcos Ommati/Diálogo)

Brazilian Air Force General Luis Roberto do Carmo LourencoChief of Education and Culture of the Joint Staff of the Brazilian Armed Forces, chaired youthe opening ceremony with Brazilian Army Lieutenant General Adilson carlos KatibeESG commanding officer, and Major General HimarioBrandao TrinasESG deputy commander. In his opening speech, Lt. Gen. Katibe sassistancethat the reception of the conference was an honor for ESG, particularly in a year that marks the Bicentenary of Brazils Independence, September 7. The ESG and Brazil consider this conference of fundamental importance, which apart being a high-level forum for studies related to peace, defense and international security, acts in theto fieldsstrengthen ties of friendship and cooperation and shape common perceptions on security and defense in the Ibero-American Geopolitics kingdom, he said.

Next the opening speeches, the banner of the Ibero-American Defense CollegesAssociationcarried by a soldier wearing the historic uniform of from Brazil emperors Battalion, was transferred between conference hosts. The transfer of the banner did not take place in the two previous editions due to COVID19 pandemic, what was the theme of eis of the year conference.

Lieutenant General. Katibe gave youhis first conference titleThe Role of the Military in Supporting State Health Policies in the Fight Against COVIDPandemic of 19: lessons learned.During the conference, other countries also presented their views on the same subject.

COVID-19 under discussion

Ecuadorian Army Col. Luis Lara Tapia, commanding officer of the Joint Military Defense Academy, said that among the lessons his country learned from the pandemic is to be continued military contingency planning plan for future health emergencies. WE Teacher representatives Mirlis reyesPhD., and US Army Major General James Taylor, director of the Inter-American Defense College, gave a presentation on the armed forces preparation for the challenges posed by possible future pandemics, considered an asymmetric threat WE seeindicate.

On September 1, tthe representatives of the 10 participating countries towards Brasilia to visit the recently established Higher Defense College, whose commandant, brazilian navy Vice Admiral Paulo Renato Roehwer Santos also attended the CDCDIA. At the close of the event, on September 2, Guatemala was announcement as the host of the Ibero-Directors of the American Defense CollegeConference in 2023.