The recruitment process in the armed forces remains unchanged: Tri-services on ‘Agnipath’

There is no change in the recruitment process and the traditional regimentation system in the army will continue, said Lieutenant General Anil Puri, additional secretary of the Department of Military Affairs. Lieutenant General Anil Puri made the remarks while addressing a tri-service press conference on the Agnipath recruiting program.

“No other country in the world has the demographic dividend like that of India. 50% of our youth are under 25. The military should make the most of it. We must reflect this demographic dividend,” said Pure. said.

One of the other important things highlighted was that new members under the Agnipath program should sign a pledge that they had no part in the arson or vandalism that happened recently in protest that continues since the announcement of the program.

“It’s a matter of our nation’s security. Someone spread the rumor that Army veterans would be sent into the Agniveer program. It turns out to be false information. There is no change in the recruiting process. The regimental process will be unchanged. We will make a pledge and the midshipmen will have to pledge not to be involved in arson or vandalism,” the official said.

The Air Officer in Charge (AOP) Staff Indian Air Force Air Marshal SK Jha said that the “Agniveers” are being inducted gradually, starting with 2% la first year.

“The numbers will increase to almost 6,000 in year five and will be around 9,000 to 10,000 in year 10. Every registration in the Indian Air Force will now be done only through “Agniveer Vayu”. The Indian Air Force’s combat capabilities and readiness are non-negotiable. Indian Air Force and GoI will do whatever is necessary to keep us dignified and combat ready,” he said.

The armed forces said “credible” information about the “Agnipath” program recently dispelled misinformation about the initiative and claimed that young people preparing to become soldiers have resumed physical activities in several places, reported PTI.

Supporting the project, an official said that “Agnipath” would not weaken but improve the combat capabilities of the army. Protests against the program, which was unveiled on June 12, have diminished in recent days.

According to the PTI, the officials also said that “Agniveers”, a term for those recruited under the program, will be eligible for bravery awards and the program is being rolled out to ensure the armed forces attract top talent. .