The new college, armed forces center and speed limit zones in North Lincolnshire budget

Veterans, students with special needs and elderly residents are all set to benefit from North Lincolnshire’s latest budget.

More details have been revealed about the newly funded projects in it.

These include an armed forces hub, a special post-16 college and a bespoke palliative care centre.

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North Lincolnshire Council has also set aside money for trials to lower the speed limit in problem areas.

Here are some of the projects contained in the 2022/23 budget for North Lincolnshire.

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Armed Forces Pole

A center for members of the armed forces and veterans will open next month on the main street of Scunthorpe.

The center will provide support with housing, employment, training, mental health and other issues service members may have.

The goal is to create a friendly and supportive one-stop shop for all veterans’ needs.

It will be staffed by armed forces volunteers, with the council offering advice and other helpful programs.

The new hub near Britannia Corner will also be more visible than the old center of town.

Post-16 special school

£10million has been allocated to build a school for older pupils with special needs on West Common Lane.

The school will be called Trent View College.

It will provide continuing education for 60 students over the age of 16 with special educational needs, according to plans.

Funding has also been received from the Ministry of Education and it will be located near other colleges in the city.

Construction should begin soon.

Areas restricted to 20 mph

The speed limit will be removed in areas where motorists regularly flout it

Speed ​​limit zones will be put in place to combat speeding.

Two initial trials will be introduced in Barton town center and Burringham village, where motorists will be limited to 20mph.

The council says this will include signage, new road surfaces and road markings.

The council’s chief adviser, Rob Waltham, described the measures as “cheap but effective”.

He said: ‘We will be looking at measures that can change the driving culture in these areas rather than speed bumps.

If successful, other areas could be rolled out in speed hotspots.

retirement communities

Residences for the elderly are rare

More than 100 homes for the much-needed are in the works after the council designated three sites in North Lincolnshire.

The former market site on Ashby high street, together with Horsted Avenue and Hewson House (both in Brigg) have been set aside for developments.

There is a serious shortage of elderly housing in North Lincolnshire.

Programs could either be delivered by the council or in partnership with a private developer.

They will include a combination of homes to buy, rent and condominium.

The first phase of the program should create approximately 30 to 40 housing units.

Over the next few years, it could deliver up to 120 properties.

Palliative care center for children

A bespoke £5million center will be set up in Scunthorpe for children with the most complex care needs.

The new building on Alvingham Road will provide palliative care for seriously ill children and respite for their parents or carers.

It will eventually replace The Cygnets on Normanby Road.

It is hoped that the purpose-built facility can make life easier for its young patients and their families.

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