The Canadian Armed Forces purchase new military equipment

The Canadian Department of National Defense has hired the Quebec company Logistik Unicorp to deliver operational clothing and footwear to the Canadian Armed Forces.

The deal covers more than 1,000 items, including badges and badges, personal gear, combat boots, winter clothing and uniforms with the Canadian Disruptive Pattern camouflage.

The Logistik Unicorp delivery is expected to support more than 160,000 Canadian rangers, junior rangers, cadets, firefighters, search and rescue technicians, and regular and reserve force personnel.

“The Canadian Armed Forces uniform is a source of great pride for Canadians at home and abroad, and this new contract with Logistik Unicorp will ensure our members have the equipment they need, when they need it to perform the functions we ask of them. “, Canada’s Minister of National Defense Anita Anand said.

Availability of operational elements

Once the contract is completed, members of the Canadian Armed Forces can order online and have the items delivered to their doorstep.

It will also allow the department to distribute uniforms directly to units, reducing costs and improving inventory management.

“This contract demonstrates the Government of Canada’s commitment to obtaining the best possible value for the government and Canadians through open, fair and transparent procurement processes,” said the Minister of Public Services and Procurement. from Canada. Helena Jaczek Explain.

“It will provide CAF members with the equipment needed to conduct daily operations anywhere in the world, while creating economic benefits for Canadians.

Supporting Canadian Industry

Logistik Unicorp will invest in research, development and skills training under the agreement, creating more than 3,000 jobs and export opportunities in Canada’s footwear, apparel and textile industries.

“Today’s investment will support thousands of well-paying jobs for Canadian workers and provide modern, state-of-the-art equipment to members of the Canadian Armed Forces,” said Mr. Anand.

“Our government could not be more proud to simultaneously support our troops and the workers of Logistik Unicorp and its network of suppliers across the country,” said Canada’s Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry. Francois Philippe Champagne added.