The Blue Rose Task Force Podcast Finds “The One Armed Man” in Episode 4

Cooper and Harry finally have a conversation with Philip Gerard – the titular gunman – in this week’s spoiler-filled episode of the Blue Rose Task Force podcast exploring Episode 4—the fifth global tranche of twin peaks— using the full context of twin peaks from 1990 to 2017.

This week’s behind-the-scenes section focuses on how director Tim Hunter and writer Robert Engels got involved in twin peaks, and what sensitivities they brought to it. After that, the host analyzes the differences the Log Lady can mean between smoke, flames, and fire.

Looking at Episode 4 itself, there was a parcel to double note, what Blue Rose Task Force did. There were also plenty of secrets to keep, which were thoroughly explored since Laura, Josie, and Donna couldn’t explain their reasons on their own.

You’ll hear the reasons why Philip Gerard might be unable to remember his MIKE side, and how that might figure into BOB and His Host. Although there is no sign of MIKE, Laura’s presence still permeates almost everything. He even appears to hypnotize James through Maddy.

There is evidence that Twin Peaks still remembers Ronette’s existence and that Pete and Josie have a genuine friendship. Lots of people try to cure their issues with beauty days, which Jacoby would say is a positive sign!

But there is also a lot of darkness to discuss. How come Hank and Audrey parallel each other so strongly? Or how about Hank and BOB? How deep are the ties between the city and the characters and the drugs?

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S1E5 “The Armed Man”

Listen to this episode of Blue Rose Task Force: A Twin Peaks Obsessive Podcast on Spotify. The deep, spoiler-filled journey through Twin Peaks finds its way to the first physical appearance of Philip Gerard. Your host John delves into how director Tim Hunter and writer Robert Engels got to Twin Peaks, what Lynch might say with the introduction of Log Lady, and the number of duplicates in Episode 4.

The following article was discussed in the episode:

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