The Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina are ready for the final evaluation under the NATO Operational Capabilities Concept

More than 800 members of the Light Infantry Battalion Group (BGLP) of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina (AFBiH)from September 19e at 23rd of this year at the “Manjavsa” military training ground, will implement a five-day “Combined Effort 22” exercise, with the goal of evaluation according to the NATO Concept of Operational Capabilities – NEL 2.

Evaluation NEL 2, through the implementation of this exercise, represents the final training activity of the units declared within the framework of the four-year training plan, with the aim of acquiring interoperability and readiness to work according to NATO standards .

With the successful completion of the assessment, the AFBiHwould have a light infantry battalion group ready from 2023 available for the NATO force band for future peacekeeping operations around the world, as well as for participation in NATO exercises.

Through the above-mentioned exercise, 20 evaluators from 11 NATO and Partner nations, as well as 50 evaluators from oneFBiHverify the ability and willingness of BGLP members to act in accordance with NATO standards.

To knowin 2018, the AFBiH said the BGLP, with the aim of achieving interoperability and combat readiness with the armed forces of NATO members. Since 2019, declared units have successfully passed three levels of SEL-1 and SEL-2 evaluation (by evaluators from the AFBiH) and NEL-1 (by NATO and partner evaluators).

The Operational Capabilities Concept is a program that constructs, achieves and verifies the interoperability and operational capability of units declared for participation in NATO-led operations.

With the successful implementation of NATO Evaluation Level 2 (NEL-2), the BGLP A FBiH would join the NATO force pool which includes more than 13,000 troops from 15 partner countries, available for future peace operations around the world, as well as participating in NATO exercises.“, it was indicateed in the press release of the Public Relations Office of the Ministry of Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina.