The Armed Forces have built 10,000 meters of border fence with Haiti since 2019

Efforts to protect the Dominican-Haitian border from illegal migration and border crimes through a perimeter wall date back to the last government of former President Danilo Medina, specifically from 2019.

On this date, the government in power began in Pedernales the construction of a 2,000 meter long fence, however, it was destroyed a year later when the Pedernales River overflowed due to Storm Laura passing through the area, according to the Department of Defense reported today.

In parallel form, 4,650 meters of border fence were built in the province of Independencia and another 3,350 were built in Elías Piña.

The Ministry announced today that from the latter, the direction of the President of the Republic Luis Abinader, who took command of the country in 2020, contributed to the construction of 1,100 meters of perimeter fence in Jimaní and a total of 1,300 in Elías Piña.

In July 2021, the EFE news agency published that the border between the two countries already had at least 23 kilometers of fence, “built discreetly by the Dominican Republic in the last two years, in the areas of the border crossings of Jimaní . and El Carrizal”.

Border security and surveillance

The national army currently has three infantry brigades, the fourth based in Mao, Valverde, the third in San Juan de la Maguana and the fifth in Barahona for border protection.

These brigades have three battalions located at strategic locations along the border.

Likewise, the Specialized Corps for Land Border Security (Cesfront) has four operational bases located in Dajabón, Comendador, Jimaní and Pedernales.

In addition to this, at the official border crossings of Jimaní and Elías Piña, there are coordinated border efforts, made up of institutions that combat border crimes.

Abinader’s Wall

This Sunday, Abinader led an act in Dajabón that launched the first stage of the construction of the border wall, which will have a physical fence of 160 kilometers.

The physical fence will consist of a reinforced concrete wall and a metal structure with a height of 3.90 meters.

It will also have 170 surveillance and control towers, in addition to some 71 access gates.