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The Texas National Guard hosted senior officers from the Egyptian Armed Forces for a weeklong summit in late September. The Texas National Guard formally partnered with the Arab Republic of Egypt under the National Guard Partnership Program in June.
(Photo credit: Sgt. 1st Class Melisa Washington)


AUSTIN, Texas – The Texas National Guard hosted senior Egyptian Armed Forces officers for the Egypt-Texas International Summit (ETIS) at the invitation of Maj. Gen. Tracy Norris, Adjutant General of Texas.

Texas officially partnered with the Arab Republic of Egypt under the State National Guard (SPP) Partnership Program during a signing ceremony in Cairo in June. The ETIS in late September was the first senior leadership summit between the two organizations since the start of the partnership.

“This week-long summit provides a collaborative environment for senior military leaders from Texas and Egypt to discuss the future of the partnership,” said William Duff, senior adviser for political-military and international affairs for the department. Texas military.

During the summit, participants participated in a two-day conference in Austin, discussing their respective organizations, security challenges, areas of cooperation and future exchanges of subject matter experts.

Areas of interest for future exchanges will include the C-130J Super Hercules airlift and F-16 Fighting Falcon multirole combat operations, maneuver and maintenance of Apache AH-64 helicopter flights, cyber defense, logistics. , Special Forces, Homeland Security Response, Military Support to Civilian Authorities, and Humanitarian and Disaster Assistance Response.

“Exchanges between our armies will strengthen our two forces, strengthen our interoperability and diversify our training,” said Norris. “And these exchanges don’t just benefit Egypt and Texas; they benefit CENTCOM’s strategic objectives and the overall US-Egyptian relationship.

Since the signing ceremony in June, within the framework of the PSP, Texas and Egypt have already facilitated the exchange of experts in the field. Sessions covered the Commanders Resilience Program, cavalry reconnaissance tactics, civil unrest operations, explosive ordnance operations and marksmanship.

“Holding five training events in a relatively short period of time is concrete proof that the partnership is developing very quickly,” said Major General Mohamed Fekry, Deputy Commander for Education and Training, Egyptian Authority. training.

The summit was also an opportunity to strengthen the long-standing relationship that Texas and Egypt already have.

Since 2006, the Texas National Guard has provided troops to five rotations of the Multinational Force and Observers, an international peacekeeping force in the Sinai Peninsula that oversees the terms of the 1979 Camp David Peace Treaty between Egypt and Israel.

Most recently, the Texas Guards participated for the second time in Exercise Bright Star, a multi-stakeholder, Egyptian-US-led exercise to strengthen regional security and stability.

“The partnership with Texas is an extension of the strategic partnership with the United States, a great partnership that spans more than four decades where military and security cooperation is the key stage in the relationship between the two countries,” said Fekry .

The summit also familiarized Egyptian partners with the facilities and capabilities of the TXNG. The tour included an orientation flight on the Texas National Guard’s latest aircraft, the C-130J, and tours of the 149th Texas Air National Guard Fighter Wing, the Inter-American Air Force Academy and from the Texas National Guard Regional Training Institute.

“Texas has great potential in all areas and excels in areas such as [unmanned aerial vehicles], intelligence, education and the support of their civilian community, ”said Fekry. “Texas and Egypt have great capabilities and expertise that can help both sides achieve mutual benefits. “

The Texas National Guard also has state partnerships with the Czech Republic and Chile, conducting regular exchanges and joint operations.

“Texas has the most experienced troops we have ever seen. Over the past few years, we have contributed to numerous overseas deployments, multilateral trainings, civil unrest operations, COVID-19 response, natural disasters and border support, ”Norris said. . “The timing is perfect for this partnership; Egypt is getting the best skills we have to offer.

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