Support for the armed forces community and veterans

There are over 58,000 veterans of the armed forces in Dorset, plus around 40,000 serving military personnel and their families.

Through the Armed Forces Pact, we work with them to ensure that their needs are always considered and that they are not disadvantaged because of their service.

The armed forces could not fulfill their vital role without the support of the people of Dorset.

We also recognize the commitment and service that the armed forces community provides to Dorset. Thank you for your service!

Whether you served in Afghanistan or in other conflicts, the news of the withdrawal of military forces has had a tremendous impact on the well-being of many veterans and families.

We are committed to supporting you. Here are some organizations that can help or listen.

Operation Courage

Ensures members of the military community are supported to access services that provide health and social care support.

Dorset Health

Assists members of the armed forces community to access health and social care services. Search for “Armed Forces” on the Dorset Healthcare website.

Veterans Gateway

24/7 contact for all wellness needs. From health and housing to employability. Call 0808 802 1212

Fight stress

Specialized treatment and support for veterans of all services and conflicts, focusing on those with complex mental health issues related to their military service. Call 0800 138 1619.


Support and information in mental health. Call 0300 123 3393 or send ‘Shout’ to 85258 (calls cost 3 to 40 pence per minute)


Welfare, health and support services for serving personnel, veterans and their families. Call 0800 260 6767

All calls are free from landlines, unless otherwise specified. In case of immediate danger of death, always call 999.