Singapore Armed Forces Build ‘Digital Intelligence’ Workforce

by Oishee Majumdar

The Singapore Armed Forces are building infrastructure and developing manpower to support their new fourth service, the Digital and Intelligence Service, which is expected to be in place by the end of 2022. (Singapore Armed Forces)

The Singapore Ministry of Defense (MINDEF) has announced updates regarding its efforts to develop infrastructure and skilled manpower for the new Digital and Intelligence Service (DIS) of the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) .

In a press release, MINDEF announced that it would establish a Digital Operations Center (DOTC) and a Cyber ​​Range Center of Excellence (CCR) to boost the development of SAF capabilities at the digital and cyber frontier.

DOTC will partner with the Defense Technology Community (DTC), other government agencies, academia, and industry to improve military response to new operational requirements in the digital realm by developing a “digital core well versed in data science and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies,” MINDEF said.

DOTC-trained “digital experts” will be rotated between the center and SAF operating units as well as externally to DOTC partners for “exposure to build a holistic understanding of the ecosystem cyber”, added the MINDEF.

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