Security expert hails Buhari on improved funding for armed forces

A security expert and secretary, International Institute for Workplace Safety (IIPS)M Abdullahi Jabicongratulated the president Muhammadu Buhari to ensure increased funding for the armed forces of Nigeria.

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Jabi, in an interview with News Agency of Nigeria in Abuja, said the N1.35 trillion earmarked for defense in the 2023 budget proposal before the National Assembly was commendable.

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He said the defense allocation was slightly higher than education and health, adding that “the share should cover personnel overheads.

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According to him, this is very healthy because the emergence of insecurity in the country has taken on a new dimension that threatens our peaceful coexistence.

He said insecurity set the nation back 20 years in terms of real productivity, security of people and property.

“So for us to motivate our forces to position themselves to defend the country, they need to be encouraged.

“So I’m not too much against it even if it’s recurrent expenses to motivate them in terms of training and retraining and then preparing them to fight the enemies of the state.

“But my prayer is that we don’t allow political decisions to influence security spending.

“On occasion, you have observed that wherever such funds are made available at the management level, the funds mostly do not reach the right people.

“These are people fighting for Nigeria on the battlefield, using their energy, their lives, their skills to ensure that they defeat the criminals who are making the country ungovernable.

“So not only give them money for the recurring ones at that level, but have to make sure they’re properly distributed to the rightful beneficiaries.

“And we’re starting to see those successes in tandem with what they’ve been achieving lately,” he said.

The security expert said recent successes in tackling insecurity were a paradigm shift from the old order.

He urged the military hierarchy to maintain the momentum to ensure that they annihilate the enemies of the Nigerian state.

Jabi also called for greater inclusion of private security organizations in security management in Nigeria.

According to him, the numbers of the armed forces are decreasing because they are almost victims of this war.

“Some of them have lived their lives in the order of succession and we are not recapitalizing them to match strength for strength with enemies of the state.

“What we need to do now is that they can rely on industrial security operators and private security practitioners to ensure synergy in terms of intelligence gathering and information dissemination.

“To maintain the successes of the war we are currently waging, we cannot also rely 100% on kinetic actions to fight the enemies of the state.

“We need to look at other alternative measures to make sure they will get results and citizens need to be willing to provide information to relevant security agencies so they can process and use it.

According to him, synergy is key to closing the gap in casualties they take on the battlefield.

Jabi also advocated the massive deployment of technologies to improve the stability of combat officers on the warfront to give them an edge against enemies.

“The Chief of the Defense Staff, General Lucky Irabor, also reiterated the commitment of the Armed Forces to procure more equipment that will help them reduce collateral damage within the ranks of the Armed Forces on the battlefield.

He said there was also a need for more investment in space technology to ensure criminals are dealt with.

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