Seattle police kill gunman who crashed into government building

By David Gutman
Seattle weather

SEATTLE — The man killed by Seattle police on Saturday night crashed his truck into a garage at the downtown Federal Building, got out with a gun and began shooting seemingly at random before being shot by multiple officers, according to body camera and video security footage released by police on Tuesday.

When the police arrive, the man, dressed in a jumpsuit, seems to be lying on his back, on the ground, the weapon at his side. It is right outside the garage door of the Henry M. Jackson Federal Building on Marion Street. Several officers surround him, both at street level and from a staircase above. They repeatedly identify themselves as Seattle police and there are multiple calls to “drop your gun” and “don’t”.

“You want me to taze him, can I get him from here?” said an officer.

“No, you can’t bring him from here,” another replies.

“He’s trying to shoot himself in the head now,” an officer said.

But the man gets up, seems to pick up the gun and starts walking towards the officers. He was then hit by a burst of gunfire.

The police department’s Force Investigation Team, which responds to all police shootings, is investigating the shooting, police said.

Warning: this video includes graphic and disturbing images.

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