Saab to supply live training systems to Polish armed forces

The Swedish company Saab was contracted to provide the Polish armed forces with several live training systems and services.

The contract includes the delivery of a complete live training solution for a “Reinforced Mechanized Battalion”. It also covers the provision of four training centers for enterprise size units.

In addition, the contract includes support for a period of three years.

The total order is valued at approximately $ 116 million (Skr1bn) and valid for a period of five years. The duration of the contract starts from this year and runs until 2026.

The latest order ensures that the Polish Army is equipped with advanced flexible training solutions and the necessary training capacity.

These capabilities will allow the client to train under conditions that are as realistic as possible and to the point of need in global collaborations.

Saab’s latest exercise control (EXCON) and communication systems, as well as the company’s latest generation high-fidelity simulators for soldiers, weapons and vehicles are included in the contract.

Polish Arms Inspectorate Colonel-in-Chief Artur Kuptel said: “This is a significant investment and a long-term solution, which will increase the training capabilities of the Polish armed forces, both in the national and allied dimension.

“The resulting systems will allow their integration with other simulation systems used by the Polish armed forces and the Allied armies, and will in particular contribute to effective cooperation in training with the US military.”

The support component of the contract includes integrated and deployable logistics, as well as operational support to the Polish Army.

Åsa Thegström, Head of Saab’s Training and Simulation Business Unit, said: “By choosing a Saab solution, Poland will remain fully interoperable with NATO and other allied nations.

“Winning this multi-year contract confirms that Saab is one of the world’s leading providers of scalable, deployable, high-fidelity live training solutions. “

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