Risk and Hardship Allowance for Indian Armed Forces reduced to same level as CAPF

The military are now on par with their counterparts in the Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF), following the correction of an anomaly linked to the existing difference in risk premium and hardship between the Armed Forces and the CAPF.

According to senior officials, this was announced by Defense Minister Rajnath Singh in his speech at the Army Commanders Conference in New Delhi.

Impulse to cohabitation

Sharing details, a senior officer said that in March 2019, the increase in the same was taken by the Ministry of Defense and later by the Ministry of Military Affairs in 2020. And then, “After deliberations in due form among all relevant stakeholders, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff submitted to Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and this was later approved.


After this correction, the approximate cash outflow for the government is expected to be around Rs 10,000 crore, and the allocation will be retroactive from February 22, 2019.

More details

Sharing the details, another senior officer said, “This increase in allowance is also eligible for Border Roads Organization (BRO), Military Engineering Services (MES), Training Centers, Corps Units National Cadets (NCC) and other static units at a lower level as admissible to combat troops.

And on top of that, an additional 40% of personnel assigned to Strategic Forces Command (SFC) will receive an allowance in the revised matrix.

What is the revised matrix now?

Under this, there will be an increase of Rs 10,500 for officers and Rs 6,000 for junior officers and other ranks.

Giving more details of the decision taken, another officer added: “The existing allowance would continue in the event of a reduction in the revised allowance in a particular location. Additionally, if a location was inadvertently omitted from the schedule, the existing allocation would be maintained.

Army Commanders Conference

In his address, the defense minister on Thursday stressed the government’s emphasis on ensuring the welfare of soldiers, as well as combat capability. And also spoke about the welfare of veterans and the next of kin of all categories of combat wounded.