REPORT: Canadians view their armed forces as peacekeepers, not combatants

A new internal report from the Department of National Defense indicates that the Canadian military is seen primarily as peacekeepers or firefighters – not warriors – by the citizens of our country.

The report, titled “Opinions of the Canadian Armed Forces,” found that only 25% agree that the Canadian Armed Forces should play “combat roles in support of the United Nations and NATO,” according to Blacklock’s Report.

The study indicates that Canadians believe their soldiers are “responding to national emergencies, including wildfires, floods and COVID. Some have also associated the Forces with peacekeeping.

“The vast majority, 80 percent, agree that the Forces should be involved in disaster relief or humanitarian assistance,” the report said.

“Respondents also strongly support Forces participating in peace support operations (76%), non-combat roles in support of UN or NATO missions (75%) and monitoring and defending the North ( 73%).”

The results were based on questionnaires with 1,501 people across the country and 10 focus groups in Vancouver, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal and Moncton.

Earnscliffe Strategy Group was paid $131,713 for the research by the department.

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