Rajnath Singh endorses better infrastructure services for armed forces

Following government approval, Indian Armed Forces personnel can now obtain sustainable living and working places that will be based on green building standards. Under the revised “2022 Accommodation Scales” (SoA) for the Nation’s Armed Forces and Indian Coast Guard, endorsed by Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, the size of accommodation has increased by almost 10 % of home’s currently permitted plinth area or flat for all.

From now on, there will be garages for junior officers (JCOs) and Jawans, according to an official statement released by the Ministry of Defense (MoD).

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These new accommodations were built with better facilities and infrastructure and specifications in line with staff requirements.

It also ensured optimal land use by constructing multi-storey buildings and austerity measures were considered by combining common facilities. These accommodations are also for defense civilians and there are facilities in all public buildings for people with disabilities and gender community has also been ensured.

These structures are going to be energy efficient, water conservation, improved structural design, smart meters, multi-level parking, water conservation and waste management, maintenance and fire safety, and smart meters.

What are the main changes in the SoA?

The last time the SoA was approved by the government was in 2009. The SoA actually defines the permission to build training, administration, living and recreation facilities for the defense services, operational and functional as well.

For the first time, the SoA includes garages for approximately 75% of junior officers (JCO) and 50% of other ranks (OR).

What was the case so far?

Officials said while officers were licensed car garages, JCOs and ORs were only allowed scooter garages, officials said.

Adding, this time, another major change is a 10% increase to the plinth area of ​​individual quarters for Officers, JCOs, and Ors.

What was the need to revise?

The review which is in line with programs like Swachh Bharat, Digital India, Sugamya Bharat, green building movement as well as renewable energy, spans hundreds of pages according to reports.

Who will construct these facilities and buildings?

The Military Engineer Services (MES), which is an important part of the Engineer Corps, is responsible for providing infrastructure to the Defense Services. It is an important part of the Corps of Engineers.

According to the official statement of the Ministry of Defense, the Minister of Defense requested the MES to provide better infrastructure services to the armed forces and contribute to nation building.


An annual budget of around Rs 13,000 crore has been set aside for the Armed Forces Construction and Maintenance Agency.

Adjusted MES

Based on recommendations made by Lt. Gen. D.B. Shekatkar’s committee, in 2019 around 9,300 positions within the MES were cut to help build the combat capability of the army to reduce its expenditure.