Political dialogue on the armed conflict: the head of the KNU

It is sad that he has resorted to armed conflict at a time of political change and that the Karen National Union (KNU) will seek solutions through dialogue, said Gen. Saw Mu Tu Say Poe, chief. of the armed ethnic group in May. April 10, 2021 via a press release.

The statement and signature of the head of the KNU were confirmed by other senior KNU officers.

“Yes. This is his opinion for union peace,” said a senior KNU member.

The statement urges others involved to follow the policies outlined in the national ceasefire law (NCA). He also says that the KNU is a group that has worked for years taking up arms to achieve equality and betterment of the Karen people and that through political dialogues aimed at regional development and peace, it was able to join the ANC.

The KNU, along with other armed ethnic groups, signed the ANC on October 15, 2015.

There were several battles between the Tatmadaw (military) and the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA), in particular Division 5 of the KNLA. The KNLA is an armed organization under the KNU and the battles against the army had sent many inhabitants of these areas to flee. in Thailand.