Police: gunman killed after deadlock in Ohio house

DAYTON, Ohio (AP) – A man with a history of mental illness who fled a Dayton home with a gun in a standoff that followed at least one shooting has died after being shot by police, police said on Tuesday.

Acting Chief Matt Carper of the Dayton Police Department said a 49-year-old man walking his dog on Tuesday said he was shot in the leg after his dog rushed home. Police said the suspect fired a gun outside minutes earlier, which neighbors said he had already done.

Police surrounded the house but said the suspect, William Gardner, 21, refused to come out. Police said chemical agents were used and Gardner eventually emerged from a basement door holding a handgun. He then passed SWAT officers near the door and walked over to other officers, Carper said.

“Due to the fact that Gardner was armed, his previous violent actions against the community, and his rapid advance towards SWAT officers, lethal force was used to stop the looming threat,” Carper said.

First aid was administered and Gardner was taken to hospital, where he was pronounced dead Tuesday morning, police said. Police said a 0.9mm handgun with nearly a dozen rounds had been recovered.

Gardner did not have a criminal history but had a “fairly significant” and recent history of mental health issues and had been hospitalized, Carper said. Police said relatives last month expressed fears he was suicidal or murderous and also worried about his possession of guns, Carper said.

Carper said nine SWAT officers armed with rifles fired a total of 37 rounds. He said the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department will investigate and the police will also conduct an internal investigation.

Police are also investigating a report that another man was shot in the leg on Monday at the house and Gardner refused to come out when officers arrived. Investigators never found a victim of the shooting, but believe someone was injured, Carper said.