PFI’s ‘India Vision 2047’ document shows plan to launch armed conflict against India with Indian Muslims aided by Islamic nations: Bihar police

Bihar Police have made a shocking revelation after a recent crackdown on a PFI covert operation in the state. In a press conference, ASP Manish Kumar of Phulwari Sharif of Patna said that 2 people were arrested for engaging in anti-Indian activities.

One of those arrested is a former Jharkhand policeman named Md Jallauddin, and the other is Athar Parvez, a former member of SIMI and currently a member of PFI and its political arm SDPI. ASP Manish Kumar informed that Parvez’s younger brother is a convicted terrorist who was imprisoned in 2001-02 for his involvement in a bomb blast case.

In what appears to be an elaborate operation, the 2 arrested defendants are said to have brought in people over the past 2 months from all over India. Hotel rooms and travel tickets have been reserved under false names for these people. On July 6 and 7, Jallauddin and Parvez trained a large group of locals in the use of swords and knives under the guise of martial arts training. They also incited the crowd with religiously violent statements.

Police added that they had CCTV evidence and several witness statements.

The PFI plans to launch an armed conflict against India with the help of Islamic countries like Turkey

The police also unearthed an 8-page document that outlines the goal of the PFI for the coming years. In the document entitled “India Vision 2047”, the PFI circulated internally among its cadres that it aims to completely dominate the “Hindu cowards” and subjugate them and this goal will be achievable even with 10% of Muslims rallying to the PFI.

They also mentioned that they plan to launch a full fledged armed uprising against the Indian state with the help of their trained cadres and with the help of Islamic countries like Turkey. They also appealed to other Islamic countries to help them bring the Indian state and the Hindu majority “to their knees”.

The police also added that Parvez and ex-police officer named Jalluuddin raised funds worth lakhs for this recent venture.

A similar operation was halted in Telangana earlier this month

It should be noted here that Telangana police had recently dismantled a similar operation in Nizamabad and arrested PFI individuals who were training local Muslims in the use of weapons to engage in violence. The 3 individuals arrested were named Shaik Shadullah (40 years old), Mohammad Imran (22 years old) and Mohammad Abdul Mobin (27 years old).

They resided in Nizamabad while posing as small-time laborers like mechanics, but their main goal was to identify gullible young Muslims, radicalize them with Sharia, and then recruit them for anti-national activities, according to the Nizamabad Police Commissioner KR Nagaraju.

One of the accused admitted to the police during his interrogation that the PFI sought to indoctrinate local Muslim youths with Sharia and Islamic fundamentalism in order to recruit them into anti-national activities. He also admitted that the group held workshops to teach Muslims how to use deadly weapons and martial arts with the main aim of recruiting them to wage jihad in the state.

It should be noted here that the Islamic organization PFI was found to be involved in a number of anti-Indian activities which often manifested in violence and hostility towards Hindu communities and the government. From the Shaheen Bagh anti-Indian protests, anti-CAA riots and Bengaluru riots in 2020 to the recent riots in several cities across India, PFI’s footprint has been everywhere. A number of reports have emerged showing that after the radical Islamic organization SIMI was banned, most of its members assimilated into the PFI.