Pain and gain as the armed forces prepare for 2022

While more than 20,000 terrorists have so far surrendered and many have been neutralized, the Nigerian military has lost three planes during the year, including the late Army Chief of Staff, Lieutenant General Ibrahim Attahiru and 10 other senior officers. They died in an NAF plane crash in Kaduna on May 21, 2021.

SFOC died alongside 10 other people, including crew members, on an official trip to the Nigerian military depot.

According to records, more than 20,000 terrorists and their families have surrendered to the troops and thousands of internally displaced persons (IDPs) have been resettled in Borno State following intensified military attacks.

In June 2021, the clash between Boko Haram terrorists and the Islamic State of West Africa province ISWAP resulted in the death of Abubakar Shekau, leader of the Boko Haram terrorist sect.

National Security Advisor Major General Babagana Monguno (retired) announced in October 2021 the murder of Malam Bako, the successor to Abu Musab Al-Barnawi, the head of the Islamic State in the province. West Africa (ISWAP).

The Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces (CDS), General Lucky Irabor, confirmed Abu Musab’s death on October 14.

Mr. Irabor said: “I can confirm with authority that Abu Musab is dead. He’s dead and stays dead. ”

Monguno revealed that Abu Musab’s successor, Malam Bako, was also killed along with a prominent ISWAP member.

He said: “The fact is once again that the armed forces, the ground forces have done a great job because within a month they were able to take over the leadership of the Islamic State from the province of the. West Africa (ISWAP) – i.e. Abu Musab Al-Barnawi.

“Two days ago, the man who succeeded him, a certain Malam Bako, one of the main leaders of the Shura Council of the Islamic State in the West African province, was also took of.

“They are also grappling with a leadership crisis. You know that these things also come with inherent issues of trust, conflict, mutual suspicion and other things.

“Thus, the operations carried out by the armed forces in the north of the country have put a lot of pressure on the Islamic State of the West Africa province, Boko Haram, and the tangential group is also known as the Islamic State in the Greater Sahara. ”

However, on February 21, 2021, a Nigerian Air Force King Air 350, NAF201 B350, crashed on its way back to Abuja after reporting an engine failure.

At least seven members of the Nigerian Air Force perished on their way to Niger state to ensure the safe return of abducted teachers and students.

The plane was on a mission in Niger state to provide surveillance as part of the government’s efforts to save the victims of the bandit chain removal.

In addition, on March 31, 2021, NAF Alpha-Jet disappeared after losing contact with Radar in Borno. NAF Public Relations and Information Director Air Commodore Edward Gabkwet confirmed the incident and said the plane lost contact with radar during a ban mission in support of ground troops fighting the insurgency in Borno State.

Gabkwet, who noted the incident happened on Wednesday evening, said the mission was part of ongoing counter-insurgency operations in the northeast. During this time, the plane has not been found to date.

The second incident occurred about a month and two weeks after seven NAF members were killed in a crash involving a military plane – meters from the runway at Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport in Abuja.

The affected plane – Beechcraft KingAir B350i – crashed on February 21 in the village of Bassa in the national capital as it returned to the airport after reporting an engine failure en route to Minna, the capital of the State of Niger.

On June 7, 2021, the Nigerian Navy (NN) launched a new Landing Ship Tank (LST) at Damen Shipyard, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. The introduction of the LST in the NN inventory will strengthen NN’s maritime transport capacity.

He said: “More specifically, it would improve the transport of troops, military equipment, vehicles in the conduct of maritime security operations launched from the sea as well as the provision of relief equipment during the period of national emergency.

The ship, authorities say, will serve as an essential component of the naval power projection for enhanced maritime security in the Gulf of Guinea and beyond.

On October 25, 2021, the Chief of the Defense Staff, General Leo Irabor, launched four semi-ballistic gunboats built for Defense Headquarters by the Naval Shipyard Limited in Port Harcourt.

The Chief of the Defense Staff said the decision to provide armored gunboats for operations was driven by the need to provide additional protection to troops in the exercise of the Nigerian Armed Forces’ responsibility to ensure the safety and security of the country’s maritime environment.

Security experts have, however, recommended drastic measures to contain the spread of senseless killings and destruction of life and property in 2022.

Beacon Consulting Managing Director Dr Kabir Adamu said the government needs to strengthen the effectiveness of the security sector. He called for performance measurement and accountability measures, adding that security agencies can do a lot.

He said: “The first step is to improve the efficiency of the governance of the security sector, where coordination, synergy, adequate resources and systematic use of assets as well as citizen participation. are reinforced. The role of the National Assembly is essential here to strengthen legislation and oversight functions so that organizations are thwarted when they deviate from established standards. And for NASS to play these roles, the capacity of its relevant committees must be strengthened. ”

Adamu stressed the need to improve performance measurement metrics, especially the introduction of monitoring and evaluation tools to enable better performance measurement.

Third, he stressed the need for accountability. He said when poor performance and failings of security personnel allow violations resulting in death, those responsible should be punished.

He continued, “Security MDAs should improve their contribution to the criminal justice system. They should ensure that offenders are identified, arrested and brought before the competent courts in a timely and efficient manner for prosecution. To do this, they need to strengthen their capacity to collect evidence. A starting point is that all organizations have functional evidence labs. “

For his part, public and private security analyst and trainer Major Banjo Daniel (ret’d) said there was nothing happening in Nigeria that the security agencies could not overcome.

The problem, according to him, is the will to overcome it. Banjo said the military can do better than they currently do.

He continued, “Are we ready to end the insecurity? It will involve the deaths of many innocent people and I think this is probably what the President is trying to avoid, but it has to happen because if you don’t and it continues, a lot of Nigerians will be recruited and the thing will go on like this forever. ”

He recalled that although the former army chief of staff, Lt. Gen. Tukur Buratai, said: “If there is no collaboration between civilians and military, this thing can continue for 20 years “, but it can continue for more than a century.

According to him, “People will die, others will join them, people will be reborn, people will grow up to be bandits, terrorists, kidnappers, thieves and all. The difference is in the level of crime in which everyone is engaged in Nigeria. Most of the people in leadership positions are egotistical and corrupt. ”

He said the corruption started a long way back under the reign of former rulers like Awolowo, Akintola, Azikiwe and Abubakar Tafawa Balewa. He said that until today, their children are still benefiting from the proceeds of corruption.

“The children of Tafawa always benefit from what their parents have raised. Until tomorrow, they still benefit from it. So it didn’t start today. He only evolved to a higher level. This is what we have now. And we have to kill him otherwise it will continue, ”he said.

Lamenting the culture of injustice and the unsuspecting attitude to justice, he said, “Children are killing children in schools, we are becoming America. During EndSARS, around 50 police officers were killed and no one complained. State governors give awards to people who are roommates at Big Brother Naija, regardless of graduates.

“So we’re all involved in all of these things, but we’ve got to start somewhere, if we pick infants now and start teaching them morals, as they get older they’ll stray from what they have.” grew up to meet.

“Now every child thinks about how to make money, and the company does nothing but teach others how to make money. All they want is to have money, and that’s what they’re looking for. ”

He stressed that politicians are the architects of insecurity in Nigeria.

He said, “The only thing we need to do is reduce the collateral damage involved. In the military 25% are allowed, but in this case they should go up to 40%. When you have three men in the house with 10 men and you want to get those three men, yes you might have to kill five or six with missiles, if they think they don’t. do not have any, they should take some. there and teach them how to conduct social operations, but I’m sure the military can. ”