Officers kill gunman in Crown Heights

A man was fatally shot by officers in Crown Heights after charging two officers with a knife on Monday morning, police say.

The incident unfolded around 4:10 a.m. when officers responded to a call for a man armed with a knife and a gun near 1090 Eastern Parkway, police said at a conference call. hurry. Responding officers found the man armed with a knife in one hand and the other hand in his coat pocket.

Officers gave multiple warnings to drop the knife and show his hands. The suspect took the Eastern Parkway and entered the Utica Avenue subway station, where two officers deployed their stun guns, which had no effect, police said.

The suspect then ran down the street, still armed with a knife, and charged at two different officers who asked him to drop his weapon, authorities said.

When he charged, police said the two officers fired approximately 10 rounds at the suspect. They then rescued the suspect, who was taken to Kings County Hospital by emergency medical personnel and pronounced dead.

During Monday morning’s press conference, NYPD Brooklyn South Deputy Chief Michael Kemper said non-lethal force was attempted multiple times through verbal commands and the use of stun guns before the suspect was be charged against the officers.

At this point, Kemper says it’s possible the Taser was unable to penetrate the suspect’s jacket, leading to his failure. Investigators say they are looking into the possibility that it was a suicide by police.

The suspect has not yet been identified. The police are trying to identify him using his fingerprints.