Officer shoots gunman in East Oakland

OAKLAND — A man who police say assaulted and brandished a gun at an officer was arrested and a gun was recovered on Friday after the officer shot and missed him, authorities said .

In a statement Saturday afternoon, an Oakland police spokesperson said officers responded just before 4:30 p.m. Friday at the 500 block of 98th Avenue in the Brookfield Village neighborhood following a a report of a man brandishing a gun at a resident.

Officers who arrived in a patrol vehicle were directed towards the man, who police say then physically assaulted officers and brandished a gun at an officer.

One of the officers fired his service revolver, but did not hit the man. Despite the description of the assault, police said no officers were injured.

Officers recovered a firearm from the scene before taking the man into custody, but did not immediately identify him or say what alleged charges he was arrested on.

The as yet unidentified officer who fired his weapon will go on paid administrative leave. Police said the shooting will be investigated by the department’s Homicide Section and Internal Affairs Division, as well as the city’s Community Policing Review Agency.

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