New details released after Gilbert officers killed gunman in standoff

A man was shot and killed by Gilbert police after an hour-long standoff in The Flats at SanTan apartment complex April 9.

The situation began the night before when a woman called the police to report that her ex-boyfriend, against whom she had a restraining order, was going to her flat near Williams Field and Greenfield Road.

The police say Jonathan Mosqueda, 27, wore an ankle monitor for another incident, and he removed it before going to the woman’s apartment.

An officer arrived at the woman’s apartment and while he was inside talking to her, they heard a knock outside and discovered a basket of Easter eggs at the door which did not wasn’t there before.

“The officer exited and as he opened a door leading to the stairwell, Mosqueda was seen standing by the door wearing a black backpack across the front of his chest,” police said in the statement. a May 12 update.

The man fled and “a perimeter was established around the apartment complex,” officials said.

Authorities found Mosqueda hiding at the scene and began hours of negotiations for him to surrender.

“The handgun was visible and beside the subject the entire time,” Gilbert PD said in a statement.

At around 2 a.m., the man allegedly jumped on an air conditioner and picked up his gun. The police shot him several times in response and he died of his wounds.

Police said they found handcuffs and duct tape in Mosqueda’s backpack.

The shaken neighbors

Heather Reed has just moved into the apartment complex, and another resident who didn’t want to be identified has also just moved in and says she didn’t expect to hear such news.

“I heard a helicopter flying much lower than it should be and saw a searchlight. I looked out the window and sure enough there was a lot of activity in my parking lot which was scary,” Reed said.

The other neighbor said, “I heard a lot of gunshots. I don’t quite know what’s going on. I just moved here last week – thought it was a safe area so that worries me.

It’s not something they’re used to seeing. But now some of them are gloating about the increased police presence since the incident.

“This morning I saw the police twice. Once early this morning when I was walking the dog and then on my way home from the grocery store,” Reed said.

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