Machete injures police officer after gunman is tackled to the ground

A police officer was injured by a machete after he tackled a gunman to the ground in Leeds.

West Yorkshire Police said officers were carrying out stops and searches in the Harehills area of ​​the city when a man was found in possession of a gun and a machete around 2 p.m. Friday.

The area had been subject to additional police surveillance under special powers to detect and deter the carrying of offensive weapons and prevent serious violence.

The gunman allegedly tried to flee after being arrested in Back Cowper Grove, prompting the officer to pursue him.

The officer was later injured as he tried to knock the man to the ground after being cut by the machete, which had been concealed in the suspect’s clothing.

“Serious leg injury”

The force said the officer suffered a “serious leg injury” and was taken to hospital.

He received several stitches to the injury and is now recovering at home.

West Yorkshire Police said of the suspect: ‘The 22-year-old has been arrested and remains in police custody.

“A police cordon remained in place while investigations were carried out.”

The increase stop and search powers were set up after two men were stabbed and seriously injured in the Harehills area on Wednesday.

The force said: ‘This gives police the power to search people or vehicles for offensive weapons or dangerous instruments without them having to have their usual grounds for suspecting each person searched.

“This follows an incident which occurred around 9.30pm on Wednesday, on Mount Sutherland, which continued to Brownhill Terrace.

“Three men have been arrested in connection with the incident and inquiries are still ongoing with Leeds District CID.”

Increased patrols and presence

Officers have increased their patrols and presence in the area to deter any further incidents and reassure the community. The order covering the area was canceled on Friday evening.

The same tactic had been used following incidents of serious violence in northeast Leeds earlier this month and in september.

The force said: “Maintaining the trust of the community is vital and we continue to liaise with key community representatives, including the District’s Independent Advisory Group, to ensure proper review and accountability regarding the use of that extra power.”