Kongsberg will provide ICT solutions to the Norwegian Armed Forces

Kongsberg Defense & Aerospace (KDA) has been selected as a strategic partner for the Mime Combat information and communication technology (ICT) program for the Norwegian Armed Forces.

Combat ICT solutions help support the mobile operational activities of defense forces.

The company has entered into a partnership agreement with the Norwegian Defense Material Agency (NDMA) to become the program’s strategic partner.

As agreed, KDA will provide ICT services and also undertake system integration.

The partnership includes several regulatory sub-agreements and the company may also supply products and solutions to the Mime program, subject to supply regulations and market conditions.

NDMA Director Gro Jære said: “We have a close, good and long-standing collaboration with Kongsberg Defense & Aerospace and through this agreement we will establish a structure for a strategic partnership in times of peace, crisis and war.

“With this agreement, KDA will be responsible for the development of comprehensive ICT solutions for the armed forces. The agreement also allows KDA to create good cooperation arenas for small and medium suppliers who together will create the solutions demanded by the armed forces.

Kongsberg Defense & Aerospace President Eirik Lie said: “We are proud to have been chosen as a strategic partner in the field of combat ICT and to have the responsibility to ensure that the entire ecosystem of vendors works as a team to develop the best and most modern solutions for the Norwegian Armed Forces.

The partnership is expected to grow further, with KDA taking on more responsibility for Combat ICT. The company is also expected to increase the ecosystem of suppliers to meet the requirements of the armed forces and benefit national defense companies.

Last year, Milrem Robotics partnered with KDA to build a new robotic combat vehicle.

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