kondhwa: Cop overpowers gunman after failed bid to rob jewelry store | Pune News

PUNE: An alert constable, Ankush Kengale, intercepted and subdued a gunman fleeing a jewelry store after a failed robbery attempt at Ambedkarnagar in Kondhwa around 9.30pm on Thursday.
Police later established that the arrested man, Camp resident Saud Asif Sayyad (19), was one of two men on a motorbike who robbed pharmacies and restaurants in Kondhwa, Wanowrie and Koregaon Park since Tuesday evening.

“We seized Sayyad’s firearm,” Kondhwa Police Chief Inspector Sardar Patil said.
Kondhwa Police Inspector Gokul Raut said, “We have also identified the source from where Sayyad got the domestically made pistol and we will soon arrest that person as well.”
Deputy Police Commissioner (Area-V) Namrata Patil told TOI, “We haven’t arrested Sayyad’s accomplice yet. We are investigating whether other suspects are involved with them in the recent robberies. We check if Sayyad has a criminal background. »
Mukesh Gugaliya (50), the owner of Arihant Jewelers, filed a complaint with Kondhwa police.
Sayyad was charged with offenses punishable under Sections 307 (attempted murder), 397 and 398 (both relating to armed robbery/dacoity with attempted death or grievous bodily harm), 453 (trespassing after preparation for injury, assault or restraint) and 342 (forcible confinement) of the Indian Penal Code and relevant sections of the Indian Arms Act.
Police officer subdues gunman after failed robbery attempt
The road past Arihant Jewelers in Ambedkarnagar is narrow and connects Kondhwa to Katraj-Kondhwa Road. Gugaliya told TOI, “I was about to close my store when this man (Sayyad) came in and half lowered the shutter from inside. He took out a gun and demanded money. When I refused he demanded gold jewelry. I tried to pick up a stick from the store and the man reacted by shooting a bullet. I dodged and the bullet hit the false ceiling. He fired one more shot.
“I picked up a box and threw it at him. My employee also started to sound the alarm. At that time, people from our nearby stores came out, leaving her no choice but to run away from the store. My employee and others chased him and helped the gendarme catch him,” Gugaliya said. He added: “The intruder is an accomplice, who was waiting outside on the motorbike, drove off sensing trouble.”
RK Jha, whose paan stall is opposite the jewelry store, told TOI, “The two men on a motorbike stopped near a stall next to the jewelry store about 15 minutes before the flight offer. One of them with a strong build came down. He was wearing a jacket and carrying a backpack. He was constantly looking at the jewelry store, because there were customers. I thought that the duo should accompany one of the clients.
Jha said that as soon as the last customer walked out, he rushed into the store and half lowered the shutter from inside.
“I saw him pull out a pistol and alerted our owner, who is standing behind the stall. Within seconds I heard two shots,” Jha said. “We tried to catch the man on a motorbike, but he drove off in the direction of Katraj-Kondhwa Road,” Jha said.
How the policeman caught the culprit Sayyad, who got into trouble because his accomplice had already chased away, started running from the spot.
“He was screaming to terrorize people on the road,” said a day laborer, who joined the chase.
Constable Ankush Kengale, who was returning from court duty and was on his way to patrol Ambedkarnagar, said: “I heard a commotion and saw a person running with a gun in his hand. and people chasing him. I parked my vehicle and waited for the man to approach me. I pretended to make way for the gunman and grabbed his hand holding the gun before kissing him tightly to limit his movement.
He added, “The people behind focused and helped me get the man under control. I alerted my superior officers and a police team arrived on the scene and took him to the police station.