Judicious use of finances is key to the combat readiness of the armed forces: Rajnath

On Monday, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh called for the judicious use of financial resources by the Department of Defense Accounts (DAD) through prompt and transparent decision-making, calling it key to boosting the combat readiness of armed forces.

Opening the DAD’s two-day Comptrollers’ Conference here, he described department officials as the sentinels of the defense funding system who play their part in nation-building by managing allocated funds with fiscal prudence.

The DAD manages the budget allocated to the Ministry of Defense (MoD), which translates into the remuneration and allowances of staff, the payment of pensioners, the processing of financial advice files for various contracts and the processing of direct complaints and complaints. third parties, with the exception of other ancillary activities, including the internal audit function. In the Union Budget 2022-23, the Ministry of Defense has been allocated a total budget of Rs 5.25 lakh crore, of which Rs 1.19 lakh crore is for pensions.

Items on the conference agenda include public financial management: towards a faceless transaction system; IFA System: An aid to effective decision-making; Efficiency and performance audit: compliance with assurance framework; improving service delivery; Challenges in the management of human resources and the maintenance of the large computer systems developed by the DAD.

Rajnath placed particular emphasis on ensuring timely payments to beneficiaries, ie soldiers, pensioners and third parties. He hopes that the session on “Public Financial Management: Towards a System of Anonymous Transactions” will pave the way for transparency in defense financial transactions. He expressed his confidence that the conference will further improve the services of the DAD; bring transparency to its work and strengthen human resource management. He urged controllers to operate with a collaborator mindset and to work for the benefit of both parties.

Rajnath called on the DAD to further develop its IT capabilities and financial literacy; strengthen the internal vigilance system and strengthen the skills of its employees to better carry out its missions. “If there is any doubt in the work of an officer, it should be reviewed immediately. Complaints should be dealt with immediately. If grievances are pending, arrangements should be made for their weekly or monthly audit and action must be taken,” he said.