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Photo: Michael Sugrue

The United States is using Ukraine as an “instrument to contain Russia” and “to push Russia into armed conflict”, Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin said on February 1, warning: “The response of the United States and NATO regarding security guarantees makes it clear that Russia’s fundamental policy concerns are being ignored.”
He added: “The United States does not care so much about Ukraine’s security, its main objective is to stop the development of Russia”, and the way to achieve this is to involve Russia in an armed conflict or to force the European Union to toughen sanctions.
The Russian Embassy in Washington released a statement saying that “threats of new US sanctions against Russia will not force us to back down or remain passive.”
These comments were made in response to persistent accusations by the US State Department regarding the occupation of Crimea by the Russian Federation.
“It was the United States that encouraged the radical nationalist coup in Kiev, which put the people of Crimea in danger of extermination, which is why (this population) voted in favor of reunification with Russia,” the diplomatic mission said, according to RT reports.
Coincidentally, also on February 1, Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky informed the country’s parliament of the signing of an order to increase the size of the national army by 100,000 over the next three years.
A lawmaker from the Ukrainian opposition Platform for Life party had earlier noted that the escalation of tensions in Eastern Europe, due to statements about a hypothetical Russian aggression, created a “beneficial” situation for the countries that fuel the conflict.
“I want to emphasize that no one is giving us a gift. They force us to buy weapons, in a hurry, at triple the price… They force us (to sign) contracts and we take out loans to finance them. There is no investment”, denounced the Ukrainian deputy of the opposition on condition of anonymity, according to the agency TASS.
According to press reports, during the month of January, Ukraine received, on the 22nd, more than 90 tons of lethal weapons from the United States; on the 23rd, another 80 tons arrived from the same supplier, and two days later, on the 25th, another shipment of 80 tons of American Javelin anti-tank missile systems was delivered.
In addition, the defense ministers of the Baltic countries were authorized to supply Ukraine with US-made weapons, including Javelin missiles, Stinger man-portable air defense systems and other military equipment. According to Ukrainian media, Kiev recently received 700 Javelin missiles and 2,200 NLAW anti-tank missiles.