INFOGRAPHIC: Armed Forces Day – SABC News

Armed Forces Day in South Africa is due to take place on February 21 in Mpumalanga province.
This day is dedicated to the commemoration of those who lost their lives when the SS Mendi sank in the English Channel during World War I, and showcased South Africa’s military strength by celebrating the contribution of men and women in uniform.
The military website, Global Firepower, has released its military strength ranking for 2022 with 140 countries.
South Africa is ranked 26th in the world in military strength, up from 32nd in 2022.
According to the ranking, South Africa has 72,000 active personnel, 15,000 reserve personnel and 14,130,701 fit-for-service citizens.
South Africa’s defense budget is estimated at $2.9 billion and has a total air force of 225 assets, including 17 combat aircraft, seven special mission aircraft, 22 transport aircraft, 88 training aircraft and 91 helicopters in total, including 12 attack helicopters.
South Africa has a total land force of 2,935 assets, including 195 battle tanks, 2,565 armored fighting vehicles, 43 self-propelled artillery pieces, 82 towed artillery pieces and 50 rocket launchers.
The country currently has no aircraft carriers, destroyers or corvette-class vehicles. But has a total naval force of 47 assets, which include four frigates, three submarines, 31 patrol boats, two mine warfare vessels and 6 unspecified.