Indian-born Tamil actress Akila Narayanan joins US Armed Forces

To serve one’s country of origin or residence is the greatest duty, the greatest religion and the most heroic act. Motivated by the legacy of Indian-origin personnel in the US Armed Forces, actress Akila Narayanan joined the US Army. Born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Akila found her calling as a lawyer in the US Army after a short stint in showbiz. Hit by the acting bug at a young age, Akila made his big screen debut with Kadampari, a Tamil horror film, in early 2021.

Before Silicon Valley became the home of tech conglomerates and began attracting foreign tech graduates, Indian immigrants contributed to the US military in various roles and capacities.. In the early 1970s, a handful of Indian immigrants found meaning in serving the adopted home away from home and rose to senior army officer ranks in the 1990s. Pride of joining the US military continued to be a wave in full force until the turn of the 20and century on the dotcom boom that opened multiple avenues for the most educated and skilled second-generation American Indians.

Interestingly, Sunita Williams served in the United States Navy before NASA selected her as an astronaut in 1998.. She is the first generation of Native American women to graduate from the US Naval Academy. She continued to progress from Basic Flight Officer in Naval Aviation Training Command to Helicopter Combat Support Squadrons to overseas naval deployments in the Mediterranean, Red Sea and Persian Gulf.

Many American Indian servicemen remained true to their community service ethic even after resigning or retiring from the U.S. military.. Sunil Desai, a highly decorated officer whose 20-year military career in the United States Marine Corps rose to the ranks of lieutenant colonel, leads a non-profit organization to make Indian society respect women of different horizons. He lives in Washington DC.

Among Indian-born millennials, Rahul Dutta is an officer in the US Army. Driven by a desire to do something different in life while pursuing higher education in America, he joined the US Army after a short stint with Air India. Hence, former President Donald Trump was right to praise Indian immigrants for their collective role in the armed forces while celebrating Diwali at the White House.

According to reports, Akila Narayanan was only able to join the US military after undergoing rigorous combat training that lasted for months.