“In light of report on children and armed conflict, PLO calls on UN chief to take concrete steps to hold Israel accountable” – – IMEMC News

RAMALLAH, Wednesday July 13, 2022 (WAFA) – The Department of Human Rights and Civil Society of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) today called on United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres in light of his annual report on “ Children and Armed Conflict”, to take concrete steps to hold the Israeli occupation authority accountable for its crimes against Palestinian children.

In his report, Guterres said Israeli occupation forces had killed 78 Palestinian children, maimed 982 others and detained 637 in 2021.

The UN chief said he was “shocked by the killing and wounding of Palestinian children by Israeli forces in airstrikes on densely populated areas, by the use of live ammunition, and by the continued lack of accountability for these violations,” adding: situation repeats itself in 2022, without significant improvement, Israel should be listed.

The head of the PLO’s human rights department, Ahmad Tamimi, said in a statement that the UN secretary-general’s acknowledgment of the existence of crimes committed by the Israeli occupation army against Palestinian children “requires taking legal measures in accordance with international laws, treaties and conventions to prosecute them in international tribunals as war criminals”.

Tamimi added: “Reports issued by the UN Secretary-General have no meaning or value if they are not dealt with in accordance with the legal requirement, which states that the occupation must be blacklisted, its leaders are tried as war criminals, and end its occupation of Palestinian and Arab lands.