Huntington Beach shooting: Police say they shot and killed gunman near where crowds gathered for US Open of Surfing event

Police received a call at around 3:15 p.m. regarding “a suspicious man with a gun”, according to an official. Press release of the department.

Officers arrived to find the man in the sand south of the pier, HBPD said, near where the six-day surf competition was being held.

The man “did not respect the multiple orders given and an officer involved fired,” the statement said.

“Obviously I heard the shots and everyone fell to the ground,” said Brittany Turner, who was dining nearby. CNN Affiliate KCAL / KCBS.

“Some people were running. Everyone was looking around, like, what’s going on, was it a fireworks display, was it a gunshot? Like, nobody really knew that.”

“Then there were people on the pitch, which made more people fall to the ground. So it’s a pretty intense situation,” said Turner.

Police took rescue measures at the scene and the man was taken to a hospital in the area where he died, according to the HBPD.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department later said on twitter the coroner had identified “the deceased of the September 25 officer involved in a shooting in Huntington Beach as Ronnie Andrew Garcia, 43, city of residence unknown”.

A gun was discovered at the scene of the shooting, police said.

According to department protocol, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department will lead the investigation into the shootings involving an officer, according to the HBPD.