How important is NATO’s positive assessment for the BiH Armed Forces?

The military exercise “Combined Effort 22″ in Manjavshas shown that the armed forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina (AFBiH)passed the test according to NATO standards. The members of the AFBiH received an excellent mark. They have been rewarded, because over the years, with their professionalism and their abilities in peacekeeping missions, they have shown that the people represent the perspective. However, the reality is that the AFBiH are faced with many problems, particularly in terms of financial conditions but also material and technical.

Through more than 2.000 tasks, NATO evaluators estimated that 1,118 members of the A FBiH are fully combat ready. This is a clear indication that man is a key factor in the A FBiHsaid competent minister Sifet PodzIvs. He called on all authorities to raise their hands in favor when problems with the status of members of the AFBiH are resolved.

“I invite you to raise your hand for the budget proposal from the Ministry of Defense to equip these people with modern combat equipment, technique and to continue to represent BiH in this light. The security of every country and every state comes first, says Sifet Podzic, Minister of Defense of BiH.

They have knowledge and professionalism, but it’s no secret that members of the AFBiH left the ranks due to low salaries. It’s no secret that they lack equipment, unlike their colleagues in the region.

“They lack many aspects in terms of technique, weapons, basic aspects, infrastructure, and I think this assessment should let some people know that we need to invest more in this resource called professional military personnel to BiH, noted Bosko Siljegovic, parliamentary military commissioner of BiH.

“I hope that this positive evaluation will be a motivation for all members of the A FBiH of all ethnic, religious, regional and other backgrounds and for the state in together to keep moving forward on a safe path that is in all of our interests for the sake of peace and progress“, said Selmo Cikotic, Minister of Security of BiH.

In this way, significant successes have been achieved in the field of defence, in the direction of Euro-Atlantic integration, according to experts. Now we are placed, as they say, in the pool of NATO forces as an equal unit. In addition to the military, the political significance is also important. Professor of international law and former soldier, representative to the NATO alliance, explains that the presidency of BiHby consensus, made the decision long ago to delegate the infantry battalion combat group to NATO Force Reserve.

“It means for us that in this way the presidency has given its consent to have an additional political decision that our forces will be in the pool of NATO forces with NATO members, this is a step giant for BiHtowards joining NATO, I used to say until recently that if BiH is not in NATO, NATO is in BiH, this is now a direct indicator that BiH is also in NATO, explained Alija Kozljak, former military representative BiH to NATO.

Therefore, the profession is clear, it is necessary to find a political agreement to allocate sufficient material, technical and financial means to the AFBiH. And not only due to integration into NATO, but also for various security threats.