Honduran Armed Forces: Committed to Teamwork

Vice Admiral Jose Jorge Fort Aguilar, chaviator of teae Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Honduran Armed Forces, pledged to focus his countrys Armed Forces on Teamwork, as one of the institutional resolved branches combating criminal organizations and aiding citizens in an emergency.

Vice Adm. Fort speak with Dialogo discuss their approach during the Human Rights Initiative Seminar coordinated by the Honduran Ministry of National Defense (SEDENA) and the Human Rights Office of WE From South Ordered(SUDCOM)August 911, 2022.

Dialogo: One of the agreements reached at the Conference of Central American Armed Forces (CFAC) held in July 2022 was to expand combined patrols along the borders between Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua to prevent illicit activities and to reinforce blind spot monitoring. Why is this important?

Vice Admiral Jose Jorge Fort Aguilar, vshaviator Honduran Armed Forces Joint Chiefs of Staff: We have to work as a team. We know that the regional problems we have are common, and we just held a CFAC meeting where several important issues were discussed re the publish of illegal activities at the border, because we are aware that it is only by unifying the criteria and working as a team that we will be able to achieve the results we have set ourselves.

Dialogo: At CFAC, you spoke about the importance of standardizing execution plans with strategic information and operations managers for curbSecurity problems migrant caravans and human trafficking, among otherss, generate. Why is it important to talk about this standardization?

Vice Adm. Fort: The heads of the various operations and intelligence directorates have come together to analyze a series of criteria in this regard, and we are carrying out various operations and missions aimed at solving a series of problemsit is therefore necessary to unify the criteria, the strategies, and objectives so that all arm Forces that make up CFAC can follow along one path.

Dialogo: What progress has been made in the participation of women in the Honduran Armed Forces? Collaborate with SOUTHCOM Women, Peace, and security (WPS)?

Vice Admiral José Jorge Fortín Aguilar, president of the Chiefs of Staff of the Honduran Armed Forces, in his speech at the seminar of the Human Rights Initiative in Honduras, held in Tegucigalpa, du August 9 to 11, 2022. (Photo: SEDENA)

Vice Adm. Fort: The role of women within our institution has been huge and we can talk a lot about it, keep in mind that in the late 1990s, our women entered our training academies such as the Military Aviation Academy and the Naval Academy. FSince then, women have entered many fields and been valuable. We currently have in the air force women officers with the rank of lieutenant-colonel who are base commanders. The important role that women have played within our institution, their professionalism, their dedication, and the enthusiasm was very advantageous,dedication and importance that contribute to strengthening our Armed forces,day by day. And we hope very soon to have women within the leadership of the council of commanders, and why not, to have a woman like vshairdresser joint chiefs of staff in the futurethat sooner or later II’m sure it will happen.

Dialogo: What type of cooperation exists between the Honduran Armed Forces and Joint Task Force Bravo (JTF-Cheer)?

Vice Adm. Fort: It’s a relationship that goes back to the 1980s, and we vsoldtalk all day about the close collaboration it is to exists between the two parties. For example, we can recallemergencies such as Hurricanes Mitch [1998]Eta and Iota [2020], and the difficult times when we were affected by forest fires, for who JTF– Congratulations always bring the sequel Support.

Dialogo: How does the Humanitarian and Relief Unit prepare to respond to emergency situations?

Vice Adm. Fort: Since its founding, this unit has demonstrated its enormous usefulness and commitment to our Honduran people. All its members continue to be trained in various courses, both here and abroad, knowledge that we must have rigorous preparation and training so that when our people need it, they can come out to bring the help needed.

Dialogo: What is the importance of organizing a seminar on human rights,coordinated by SEDENA and SUDCOM in the city of Tegucigalpa,for the Honduran Armed Forces?

Vice Adm. Fort: In my opening remarks to the seminar, I mentioned that this issue was very important, and I explained in my speech that there have been mistakes and successes, and that our institution has been sincerely judged due to this issue. What matters is that this seminar is one more step which shows the increasing be careful that our Commanding General and the Minister of Defense have for to reinforceing human rights within our institution.