Head of the Armed Forces of Ukraine declares that the Russian “blitzkrieg” is destroyed

The head of Ukraine’s armed forces, General Valery Zaluzhniy, said on Monday that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s plans for Ukraine’s “blitzkrieg”, change of power and foreign policy “are destroyed”. Praising Ukrainian air defense specialists for putting up fierce resistance to fierce Russian air assaults, Zaluzhniy in a Facebook post on the official Defense of Ukraine page wrote that the Ukrainian Armed Forces “showed the whole world how to fight for freedom and the natives”. land.” He then went on to say that “the enemy is demoralized and exhausted,” referring to Russian troops.

Footage released by the Republic Media Network shows Russian Su-30SM multirole fighter jets shot down near Volnovakha in eastern Ukraine. In another sequence, a Russian pilot tries to eject before touching the ground. Russian forces lost 269 tanks, 945 armored fighting vehicles, 105 artillery systems, 50 MLRS, 19 air defenses, 39 planes, 40 helicopters, according to UNIAN.

Russian forces opt for complex operational and strategic warfare tactics

Ukraine’s leader, General Zaluzhniy, said on Monday that the invading Russian forces had opted for complex operational and strategic warfare tactics in the cities south of Kiev, and “leave no attempt to encircle the capital city”. “Permanent defense of our cities – Chernihiv, Kharkiv, Mykolaev, Sum, Mariupol, – and national resistance do not allow the adversary to develop success. No matter how many kilometers the enemy penetrates deep into our territory, they will not be able to hold it,” the head of the Ukrainian armed forces, General Valery Zaluzhniy, said on Monday.

Zaluzhniy urged Ukrainian civilians to join the resistance force with weapons, ammunition and motivation to protect their country, adding that the air force had caused major casualties to the enemy airstrike group. Ukrainian air defense reportedly shot down two Russian fighter jets at different locations, captured the pilot identified as Krasnoyartsev on the outskirts of Chernihiv. They killed the co-pilot identified as Major Krivolapov. Ukrainian forces shot down another Russian aircraft at Nikolaev.

Russian forces meanwhile continued their offensive on the city of Mykolaiv, south of Kiev, according to images broadcast by Republic Media Network. Heavy shelling was also reported in the suburbs of Irpin and Bucha where at least three civilians were killed. While Moscow agreed to declare humanitarian corridors and a ceasefire for civilians to flee the atrocities of war, Ukraine accused its enemy of manipulation since Ukrainians in conflict zones were only allowed to evacuate. than to Russia or Belarus. Since the start of the military intervention in Ukraine, Russian forces have lost more than 10,000 people, according to the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Image: AP