Gunman wanted for child abuse, domestic violence charges shot down by Pinellas MPs, officials say

Early Tuesday morning, a domestic violence call ended with gunfire from Pinellas County MPs resulting in the death of a wanted man.

The events leading up to the shooting began on Monday evening after MPs from Pinellas showed up to arrest a suspect, later identified as Chad Allen Jenkins, 50, for domestic violence and child abuse. Officials said the charges stemmed from an incident in which Jenkins showed up at his ex-girlfriend’s home, threatened her, and then attacked her.

When her son tried to intervene and help his mother, Jenkins allegedly hit the child as well.

MPs said they saw the altercation unfold from the ex-girlfriend’s doorbell camera who recorded some of Jenkins’ threats.

When MPs drove to his home in Lealman – in the 40th Avenue North and 38th Street North neighborhood – to make the arrest, that’s when things took a deadly turn. . Authorities said Jenkins got into his car and pulled out a gun.

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The police told him to drop the weapon, according to investigators. Then the deputies fired several bullets into the car. Jenkins died at the scene.

St. Petersburg Police Chief Anthony Holloway said these types of domestic violence calls are unfortunately on the rise, citing Monday’s fatal shooting involving an ex-boyfriend.

“I think what you see is a lot of things, a lot of things being built, people are going through a lot of emotions right now,” he said on Tuesday morning. “So we also ask people if you have any problem to ask for help.”

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Authorities said Jenkins was subject to a risk protection order in 2018, meaning he was not allowed to own weapons.

Chief Holloway said Tuesday morning he did not believe Jenkins shot MPs. The two Pinellas County MPs who fired were wearing body cameras at the time of the deadly shooting.

The St. Petersburg Police Department will take charge of the investigation into the shooting involving a deputy as part of the Pinellas County Task Force on the Use of Lethal Force. It will include detectives from the St. Pete, Clearwater and Pinellas Park Police Departments.

As for the mother and son involved in the initial incident, the chief said they were safe and had minor injuries.