Gunman shot dead by authorities in Vinita

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation said Monday that a Craig County deputy and a Vinita police officer shot and killed a suspect who was waving a bow and arrow in a “threatening” manner.

Law enforcement was responding to a 911 call regarding a large chunk of concrete on a train track. Investigators said the suspect, Guy Walker, lived on property near the train tracks. Crime scene tape surrounded Guy Walker’s home for hours after OBSI said Walker was shot and killed by a deputy and an officer.

Neighbor Michael McDonough said Walker was putting concrete blocks on the tracks, in an attempt to derail the trains. Officers said police and deputies showed up at the scene around 7 a.m. Monday morning and followed tracks in the grass, which led them to a tractor on Walker’s property. Investigators said Walker waved a bow and arrow in a “threatening” manner.

McDonough described what he saw.

“The cops asked him to put the bow down, put it down a few times, and he said ‘No’ and just started waving it, so they shot him six times in the chest,” McDonough said. .

Court records show Walker was charged in 2016 with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and trespassing on railroad property. The court found Walker unfit to stand trial. McDonough said he considered Walker a friend and that Walker had mental health issues.

Once OBSI completes its investigation, it will be sent to the district attorney’s office and the prosecutor will decide whether charges will be brought.

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