Gunman shot dead as fleeing officers expected to survive

(UPDATE) FAIRFIELD – A man with half a dozen guns – including one he is suspected of pointing at an officer – was shot dead by a Fairfield police officer on Monday afternoon while that he was running from officers.

The man, identified as Robert Wilson, had what police described Monday night as non-life-threatening injuries and was being treated at a local hospital.

Police said the shooting was the result of an investigation into possible loitering and setting up camp in the 100 block of the Commercial Court.

Two officers contacted Wilson, who police said had an outstanding warrant for non-appearance in a domestic violence case. Wilson did not cooperate when officers attempted to arrest him and fled in his vehicle, police say.

He didn’t go far. At least one of the vehicle’s tires was flat. The vehicle quickly broke down and came to a stop.

Wilson fled the vehicle on foot and, while being chased by officers, pulled out a handgun and pointed it at the officers, according to a police news release. Police have released a photo that appears to show this part of the chase on foot.

An image taken from a police body camera shows what authorities suspect is a man pointing a handgun at a pursuing police officer before the man was shot dead in Fairfield, Monday August 22, 2022 (Photo offered)

Wilson was shot and then taken to hospital. Police report that no officers were injured.

Five firearms were recovered from the scene – all BB firearms, police report. A sixth gun was found in Wilson’s vehicle. In the press release, police said the type of weapon recovered from the vehicle could not be determined at this time.

Wilson’s age and city of residence were not disclosed, although police in the press release said officers had previously had contact with him. The chase ended in the 4600 block area of ​​Central Place.

Police remained in the area of ​​Central Way and the Commercial Court for several hours collecting evidence related to the case.

The Solano County Major Crimes Task Force, operated by the District Attorney’s Office, is investigating the police shooting.

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FAIRFIELD — A police officer shot a fleeing motorist on Monday afternoon who police say was armed with a firearm.

The shooting happened on the 4600 block of Central Place.

Lt. Kelly Rombach said at the scene that a driver did not yield to an officer around 2.30pm The driver eventually pulled over and fled on foot while armed with a weapon on fire, Rombach said.

An officer fired and the driver, police report. The driver was injured and taken to a local hospital for treatment. Police did not say whether the driver was hit by gunfire or suffered other injuries.

A description of the driver was not released, to include the driver’s gender, age and city of residence.