Gunman killed by police called 911 on himself: NYPD

CROWN HEIGHTS, Brooklyn – Police say a man shot by officers called 911 on Monday, posing as a threat.

“The investigation established that the 911 call reporting a man with ‘a gun and a knife’ was made by the deceased,” police said on Tuesday. “The cell phone from which the 911 call originated, reporting a man with ‘a gun and a knife’ was found in the possession of the deceased at the scene.”

Brooklyn authorities opened fire and shot the man, who was believed to have been armed with a knife, early Monday morning.

The man’s mother, Marguerite Jolivet, announced that she would hold a press conference on the incident on Wednesday. The family’s attorney said the man had a mental illness and challenged the NYPD’s response to the incident.

“The death of [the man] This is not the first time in this city that a mental patient has been killed by a member of the NYPD, ”said lawyer Sanford Rubenstein. “The question to be answered is: [he] an imminent threat to the lives of the police officers who shot him dead? “

Police believe the man intended to kill him, and said NYPD records indicated they had already responded to two suicide attempts.

Investigation into the incident is continuing under the direction of the NYPD’s Force Investigation Division, police said.

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