Gunman injured in shootout with Sheriff’s deputies in Palmdale – NBC Los Angeles

MPs removed a gunman from a house in Palmdale and recovered a handgun from the scene after the man apparently shot them and at least one deputy fired back, authorities said on Sunday.

The gunman was not shot but was slightly injured, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department reported. He was treated at an area hospital and later booked into the Palmdale Sheriff’s Post.

No deputy was injured.

MPs were called to the 38200 block of Pioneer Drive around 9:30 p.m. Saturday regarding an assault call with a lethal weapon, where gunshots were heard inside the location.

Members of Parliament who arrived at the scene were told by a witness that a man was inside armed with a handgun. They ordered the man to leave the residence.

“Shortly thereafter, the suspect appeared at an upstairs bedroom window armed with a handgun,” sheriff officials said. “It is believed that the suspect fired his handgun at MPs and a shootout involving a MP took place.”

The deputies then gave more orders for the man to leave the house. After several minutes, he left the house without further incident and was taken into custody. A handgun held by the man was found at the scene, authorities said.

The incident is under investigation, the LASD said, as part of separate investigations by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, the Sheriff’s Homicide Office and the Office of Internal Affairs.

“Anytime a shooting involving an officer involves Los Angeles County Sheriff’s assistants and results in the injury of a suspect, several independent investigations begin immediately at the scene,” a LASD statement said.

The department’s Homicide Office urged anyone with information regarding the incident to call them at 323-890-5500.