Gunman in critical condition after being shot by police

Detroit – A man is in critical condition after he was shot Monday by at least one Detroit police officer following a car chase and armed encounter on the railroad tracks in southwest Detroit, the chief said. of the James White police.

A police unit was monitoring the man’s home in the 100 block of Gates in the city’s Delray neighborhood because he was a ‘known gang member’ who was suspected of several recent violent crimes, the chief said during from a press briefing near the shooting. stage.

At around 11:20 a.m. Monday, the man left his house driving a blue Chevy Equinox that had been used in an earlier crime, White said. Members of the Headquarters Surveillance Unit guarding the home called rescue units and officers pursued the man for about nine minutes, the police chief said.

The chase “ends in a stalemate on the train tracks,” White said. “Our suspect then escapes the vehicle, armed with a 9mm weapon with an extended clip and runs away from the officers. … They tell him to drop his weapon.”

When the man got to a stopped train, “he gets to the train, turns around, tries to get under the train…which is stationary, goes under the train and shots are fired,” White said. . “He is armed. We have recovered the 9mm weapon and are now investigating.”

The chief added: “I have just reviewed a video, and it could not be determined whether (the man) fired, and how many shots were fired by the officers, so we are reviewing this in this moment.”

The internal review is the second to be launched this month following a shooting involving an officer. On October 2, Detroit police officers responded to a 911 call from the west side of the city reporting that a mentally ill man armed with a knife was having a seizure. After officers repeatedly pleaded with Porter Burks, 22, to drop his knife, he rushed over to them and officers fired 38 shots, hitting him 15 times and killing him, police officials said.

Geoffrey Fieger, the attorney representing the mentally ill family, said he was preparing to file a lawsuit against the city of Detroit over what he called a “firing squad”.

Michigan State Police are assisting with the Burks shooting investigation, and MSP will also help investigate Monday’s incident, White said. As with all shootings involving officers, the DPD’s Force Investigation Unit will conduct a separate administrative investigation into Monday’s incident to determine whether the officers followed Detroit police policy, the chief said. .

White said the suspect was a “known gang member who is well known to officers here.” The chief added that the man is suspected of several crimes committed over the weekend.

“On Friday, he committed an armed robbery and home invasion, breaking into a house and robbing the occupants at gunpoint,” White said. “Also on Friday he is suspected of having fired into a house; the vehicle he was driving (Monday) was identified as the suspect vehicle; (and) at 9:50 p.m. (Friday) in the 10000 block of Flora he fired shots into an occupied vehicle where no one was injured.

“The officers knew he was violent, so they put the headquarters surveillance unit on him to track his whereabouts,” White said of the suspect.

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