Gunman arrested outside Kavanaugh home, three Seattle beaches will be closed this summer, a Pudu is born

Given the state of the world, I wanted to start PM with something sweet: Today the Woodland Park Zoo announced the birth of a male pudu. He was born on May 5. South American pudus are the smallest species of deer in the world! “The fawn and mother are healthy and bonding well,” Woodland Park Zoo co-curator Shawn Pedersen said in a press release. You’ll have the best chance of seeing this unnamed baby from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., when it’s most active, in the temperate forest habitat. Life is precious.

In the news: The search continues for a British journalist and Brazilian indigenous affairs experts who both disappeared in the Amazon over the weekend, reports CNN. Dom Phillips and Bruno Araújo Pereira were in the remote Javari Valley in the western part of the state of Amazonas and are said to have “received death threats”. The region of the forest they were in is a hotspot of “repeated incursions by land grabbers, illegal miners, illegal hunters and illegal fishermen”.

Not to be all, “well, actually…”: But this month of June that we live could help our crops stay protected of the fearsome spot-winged lanternfly.

Cops investigate cops: According PA, the Justice Department appointed nine people to “assist in the review of law enforcement’s response to the shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas.” I’m sure this team of former police chiefs and an FBI official will DEFINITELY do justice to this squad of incompetent Texan cops. I’m sure and certain.

Summer favourite: Due to the labor shortages for lifeguards that I mentioned in yesterday’s AM, Seattle Parks and Recreation is official closing three beaches this summer: Matthews Beach, Seward Park Beach and East Green Lake Beach. The department is also keeping the Medgar Evers, Evans and Queen Anne pools closed for the season. Better to be careful, of course, but I was looking forward to swimming in the Medgar Evers pool!

Dark: Earlier today in Squire Park, an 89-year-old man called police after he would have fired his 83-year-old wife died in their shared home. The cops told KOMO that the man had been arrested.

And outside Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s home in Maryland: Authorities arrested a heavily armed man for ‘attempting or threatening to kidnap or assassinate’ a sitting US judge, reports CNN. Nicholas John Roske, 26, also called the cops on himself, saying he was having suicidal thoughts and had come from California to kill “a specific United States Supreme Court Justice”. According to an FBI affidavit, Roske believed that this judge “would side with Second Amendment rulings it would relax the gun control laws” and wanted to kill this judge, then kill himself. Once again we must melt down all weapons.

For those of you following Twitter’s sale to billionaire Elon Musk: This looks like the platform’s board is indeed going to hand over its internal data feed to Musk to allay concerns he had about bot and spam accounts. I hope he will have fun sorting through the 500 million tweets tweeted daily by users!

Get to know BA.4 and BA.5: There’s something these omicron subvariants really dig into about our immune system. These two bad boys now account for 13% of all new COVID cases in the country, up from 7.5% the previous week, reports the New York Times. Although all of our case numbers are likely grossly underestimated, scientists told the Time that whether or not these subvariants will have an impact on hospitalizations and deaths “remains unclear.”

Besides: A new episode of Sticker Patrol went live today.

About this central Seattle trolley stop: City officials took the side from KEXP, SIFF, Vera Project and The Seattle Rep in the debate over Sound Transit’s plans to run light rail under the Seattle Center. According to Seattle Times, the mayor’s office said Sound Transit “should select a site on Mercer Street that will not disrupt the downtown KEXP radio station or the performing arts.” However, the Mercer Street location will cost $100 million, displace 140 households and worsen traffic. The final decision will be made next year by Sound Transit’s regional board of directors.

I can smell the fear of work: In an attempt to address any issues employees may encounter in advance, Microsoft today announced a reform of some of their most unpleasant work practices, reports GeekWire. The company will no longer include non-competition clauses in contracts (except for those with senior executives), remove NDAs from settlement and separation agreements, and publicly disclose salary ranges in job postings ( both practices become law in Washington state), and hire a third party to review “workforce policies and practices that impact diversity and inclusion.” Interesting timing!

The Volunteer Park amphitheater looks good! The $3 million indoor amphitheater is set to make its grand debut on July 2, reports Capitol Hill Seattle Blagg. I already feel nostalgic for that sad brick wall and that stage that used to be the amphitheater.

He is alone in space: But not for NASA’s Mars Perseverance rover. He has a pet stone.

For your listening pleasure: “It is the way of the world” of Earth, Wind and Fire.